What Is Tupac’s Most Iconic Song?


Today marks the anniversary of Tupac’s death. 17 years later, the late rapper is still making headlines for being such an iconic force in the rap game. His influence can be felt in the culture today, from artists naming him as an inspiration to die-hard fans holding down his legacy with pride. In memory of ‘Pac, XXL wanted to get your opinion on the most iconic song of his career. Did Makaveli draw you in with his prophetic lyricism on “Letter 2 My Unborn?” Or was his California anthem the greatest ode to the West Coast ever made? Chose one and let us know your reasons in the comments below.

R.I.P. to the GOAT.

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  • tha OG

    2pac featuring snoop dogg amerikaz most wanted

  • BrianRaider

    From Your List Of Songs Which Is A Great Selection I PIcked Until The End Of Time! My Favorite Is High Speed!

  • Kev


  • alex

    UM………..wheres so many tears….?

  • mistah dubs

    too many classics to choose damn this man may not be the best mc as far as technical ability (I think that goes to Rakim) but he mastered flow and emotion and deep concepts through poetry and killer lyricism that made him prophetic and he evolved with each album and as he recorded from the last year of his life on Rest In Peace to the best to ever do it Makaveli the Don there will never ever be someone to grab the spotlight like you ever did

  • Joshh Sean


  • aaron

    How is XXL gonna have a poll like this without the original Keep Ya Head Up???