A Pittsburgh area rapper allegedly associated with Mac Miller was busted by police in Wilkinsburg, PA, with massive amounts of heroin this week. Joseph Barnett Jr., a.k.a. Hardo, was stopped by Wilkinsburg police on September 10 after allegedly running a red light. During Hardo's detention, police allegedly recovered a shopping bag filled with 250 stamp bags of heroin that were lying on the car's floor.

A CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh reports that Barnett was not carrying ID and was driving with a suspended license. They also reported that Barnett allegedly attempted to flee the scene before being tackled by police and wrestled to the ground. According to CBS Pittsburgh, Hardo is being charged with possession with intent to deliver, resisting arrest, attempted escape and several motor vehicle violations.

Hardo was profiled by The Fader in April where they billed the 21-year-old rapper as "Mac Miller's muscle." Hardo made a recent appearance on Mac Miller's MTV show in March. CBS Pittsburgh also reported that Hardo allegedly signed a $3 million dollar deal with T.I. and Atlantic Records. An Atlantic Records rep denied that he was associated with the label and gave no comment on the situation when asked.

Hardo, who claims the car belong to a hospitalized friend, is currently being held in Allegheny County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

XXL reached out to representatives from Mac Miller's camp for their comment on the story, but as of press time, they had not responded to our inquiries.