Kendrick Lamar Fires Back At Meek Mill During NYC Show


Meek Mill has been on a steady run of putting his battle rap skills to the test. First, Meek sent an array of shots over classic diss track beats on “Kendrick You Next,” which many agreed it was the nail in the coffin for Cassidy. A few days later, he kept his promise and released “Ooh Kill ‘Em” that was dubbed as a Kendrick Lamar diss after the Compton rapper called him out.

Last night, K. Dot performed in New York City for the first time since dropping his controversial “Control” verse. It was definitely a big night atmosphere as hordes of supporters came out to watch what he had in store. At one point in the show, Kendrick talked to the crowd and addressed his royal status in the rap game with a few choice words at Meek. Here’s what AllHipHop live-tweeted:

Coincidentally, Meek Mill is in town for a press run promoting Maybach Music Group’s Self Made Vol. 3. Hearing Kendrick’s shots, he responded quickly on Twitter. “King of what? Somebody please tell me.” He also pointed out there are levels to this beef in two tweets that are now deleted: “I’m the only nigga coming thru the streets w/ the baddest bitch in the game on my bike w/ a 100 hittaz & army tanks behind me!” and “That’s a king….. It’s really levels!”

What do you think of Kendrick and Meek’s showdown? Should Kendrick respond? Let us know in the comments.

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  • swagzilla

    meek mill didn’t have no nail in the coffin for cassidy, Cassidy murdered him. Wtf you talking about “many agree” nobody likes meek’s music

    • Kevin

      cassidy’s latest diss track was super weak, meek kinda did win.

  • JC

    meek, you forgot kendrick already shitted over your whole crew put together on Power Circle? I can admit that n i actually like sum of them dudes…

  • BrianRaider

    Well I Say… As Long As Shit Don’t Get Violent Or Nobody Dies The Competition Element Is Always Good For Hip Hop. After Nas & Jay Collided They Became Friends. I Just Don’t Wanna See No Young, Black, Talented Brotha Getting Killed Over Words. Other Than That I’d Say It’s Good For Hip Hop Let Em Battle!

    • GatzBe McKrocket

      real shit^^^…

  • F*ck It

    All meek do is try to beef wit somebody. Clown ass nigga smh

  • Victor Slic Garcia

    meeeeeek swearrrs .

  • AJR93

    Meek isn’t on Kendrick’s level. Meek should take a seat and watch.

  • keepit1400

    Cassidy’s rap skills are limited he didnt come as hard as the raid and a word of advice to meek just stop! kendrick will destroy you

  • arbysman22

    meek mill had his moment his studio album was trash nothing will top good kid mad city meek says the same shit in every song go through everyone of meeks songs on dc1 and dc2 and count how many times he says rolly or ghost kendrick lamar is the best rapper out right now hands down not only because of his flow but his lyrical concept as well