Rah Digga is working to raise $20,000 for a performing arts-based community center in Newark called the NJ Dance Network. Rah Digga explains in a press release:

My facility will be located in downtown Newark in the heart of our business district. We will be providing free formal performing/creative arts training of various sorts. They will have 5,000 sq. ft. of secure ‘practice space’ to come ‘work it out’ as opposed to lingering on street corners. Every source of public transportation that travels through Newark passes through downtown. Whether you are on your way to work, school, shopping, or just visiting the city, the facility will be visible and accessible to all. I will be working with several other organizations throughout the city and state to expand this network and cross promote our programs so there will be unlimited options and resources for anyone looking to better themselves.

She has already started a kickstart fund that has 23 days left to reach its target of $20,000. Funds for the campaign will be used towards producing the videos for the EP and making the preliminary preparations for our first stage production.