Happy Birthday, Lil Wayne!


Today marks the 31st birthday of Dwayne Carter, Jr. A.K.A. Lil Wayne. Born on September 27, 1982, Lil Wayne has become one of hip-hop’s biggest superstars and one of rap’s most celebrated acts.

Since releasing his debut album, Tha Block Is Hot, in 1999, Lil Wayne has gone to drop 10 solo albums, sell tens of millions of records, win Grammy’s and make hundreds of guest appearances on his fellow rappers songs. Amongst his other notable accomplishments was dropping one of the 15 albums ever to sell a million records with Tha Carter 3 in 2008, and breaking Elvis Presley record for the most amount of songs to chart on the Billboard Top 100 on his birthday in 2012.

Happy Birthday, Lil Wayne!

  • BrianRaider

    #BestRapperAlive #SALUTE!!!

    • icon kain

      Hands down!

  • elvisforever

    It should be mentioned that Lil Wayne was not the lead performer on most of these chart entries and that his record only covers the Hot 100 era. However, Elvis had around 40 pre-Hot 100 Billboard chart entries between 1956 and 1958, which brings his total to around 149 Billboard Chart entries. This was also mentioned by Billboard when they spoke of Lil Wayne’s “record”.