Gucci Mane’s Twitter Rant By The Numbers

Gucci Mane made headlines yesterday after his three-day long Twitter rant went viral across the internet. Gucci Mane aired a lot of dirty laundry in the over 100-plus tweets that he launched over the last few days. XXL is breaking down the rant by the numbers in order to help you better understand what exactly went down the last couple of days with Gucci Mane.

How Many Days The Rant Lasted: 3

Number Of Tweets During The Rant: 109

Number Of Times He Said Guwop/Wop: 16

Number Of Rappers Mentioned: 29

Number Of Women He Said He Had Sex With: 17

Number Of Rappers’ Girls He Claimed To Have Sex With: 5

Amount He Would Sell Young Thug’s Contract For: $250,000

Amount He Would Sell Young Scooter’s Contract For: $500,000

Amount He Would Sell Waka Flocka Flame’s Contract For: $4,000,000

Amount He Would Pay To Sleep With Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Dior, Taraji P. Henson & Monica: $10,000 each

Amount He Would Pay For A Personal Trailer: $5,000

Amount Gucci Allegedly Paid For A Room For Nicki Minaj At A Microtel: $60

Amount He Gave To Rappers Signed At His Old Label: $200,000

Amount He Plans To Give To Rappers At His New Label: 6 Figures Per Deal

Amount He Bets On Football Games: $100,000

Number Of Magazine Editors Dissed: 1

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  • Dillanology

    Lmao he goin’ hard.


    Gucci was hacked any idiot should know that. Either some triflin brawd he fawkin on took his phone and started that fake a55 rant, or somebody from bricksquad hacked his shyt. EIther way it wasn’t him. The only reason artists started talkin shyt is because Nicki’s dumb inflated gullible insecure a55 started poppin off on twitter, prompting her sidekick Tyga to tweet reckless shyt too.

    • chiraqi

      he wasn’t hacked. a comparison of his older tweets shows a similar spelling and punctuation and why would those tweets start appearing minutes after he was dropped from his label?