While summer does not officially end on the Gregorian calendar until September 22, today marks the unofficial end of the summer season in the United States. It's Labor Day today and millions of Americans are out enjoying the last few days of sunshine and carefree days in the country. While many are out enjoying a celebratory barbecue or a frozen margarita on this day,  it's important to remember that Labor Day is also the last day for another annual marker, too.The boundaries of high society and good taste dictate that a certain fashion trend must come to an end today. For the fashion-minded amongst the people, Labor Day is the last day you can wear without the cruel, discerning eye of fashion casting a scornful look your way.

While this "unofficial" rule dates back to snobby, class-obsessed millionaires over a hundred years ago, hip-hop has become categorically obsessed with the rules of high-society fashion over the year. While Jay Z might rock Tom Ford, he knows enough that it would be simply be in bad taste to wear a linen suit to a gallery opening at the Met in the fall. The High Priest Of White-Clothed Fashion, Sean "Diddy" Combs, might throw an annual gala where eggshell is a requirement but there is a reason that he does not throw his White Parties in February.

For rappers obsessed with fashion - I'm looking directly at you, A$AP Rocky - today is the last you can wear white pants, white shirts, white sh0es, white socks, white hats, white jackets, white track suits, white tank tops, white gold, white diamonds and white-on-white Air Force 1's. This is a friendly reminder from XXL that you shouldn't wear anything that Anna Wintour would not approve of after tomorrow.

Tom Ford would never wear white after Labor Day.
Being shirtless doesn't mean you can wear white pants, Weezy.
"Eggshell" is still white, Rocky.
You're better than this, Diddy.
A white dress is still white.
Don't be sad, Drake. You can wear white after Memorial Day.
No matter how many stacks you have it's still bad taste to wear a white suit, tomorrow.
I approve of this. Carry on.

On second thought... Fuck 'em. Who cares? Wear white all you want.

Happy Labor Day, Hip-Hop!