Miley Cyrus is one of the most talked about artist in music right now. The twerking-happy popstar has recruited some huge hip-hop names for her upcoming album, Bangerz, which is set to release on October 8. One rapper Ms. Cyrus recorded with gave her high praise to recently. French Montana, who worked with Miley for a track called "FU," sat down with MTV and recalled the story behind how he got on the record.

French describes when Miley played the album for himself to hear to see which one of the cuts he fitted well on. He states "Then she played the 'FU' one and I fell in love with it. We just went in there, we did it. We did it together. She kind of showed me the ideas of the video, how she wanted to shoot the video and everything. I fell in love with that record. She's a genius." The Coke Boys head honcho also talks about what inspired the track and explains why everyone is running into the studio with Miley Cyrus. You can watch French Montana talk about "FU" above and why Miley does whatever she wants below.

[via MTV]