Diddy Tops Forbes’ 2013 List Of Hip-Hop Cash Kings

Diddy the Comedic Film Star

When you can lose $1 million in a dice game and not bat an eye like Diddy did last week, chances are, your bank account is at epic proportions. As if you needed any more confirmation that the hip-hop mogul’s stash is on Scrooge McDuck status, Forbes releases its annual list of Cash Kings for 2013 and Diddy was once again at the top of the list. Puff raked in $50 million over the last 12 months due to his Bad Boy records label, Sean John clothing line, Blue Flame agency and his stake in Ciroc Vodka. Jay Z comes in second on the list pulling in $43 million from his business ventures in D’Ussé cognac, his Roc Nation label and management firm, tours and his most recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail for which he got $5 million up front from Samsung. Dr. Dre rounds out the top three with $40 million in revenue. There are some new additions to the list, and even some that might surprise you.

Check out the entire Top 20 list, below.

1. Diddy ($50M)
2. Jay Z ($43M)
3. Dr. Dre ($40M)
4. Nicki Minaj ($29M)
5. Birdman ($21M)
6. Kanye West ($20M)
7. Lil Wayne ($16M)
8. Wiz Khalifa ($14M)
9. Ludacris ($12M)
10. Pitbull ($11M)
11. Drake ($10.5M)
12. Snoop Dogg ($10M)
12. Eminem ($10M)
14. Kendrick Lamar ($9M)
14. Pharrell ($9M)
14. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ($9M)
17. Swizz Beatz ($8.5M)
18. Tech N9ne ($7.5M)
19. 50 Cent ($7M)
20. Lil Jon ($6M)
20. Rick Ross ($6M)
20. Mac Miller ($6M)
20. Jeezy ($6M)
20. Questlove ($6M)

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  • fuckfiddy

    50 is a fuckboi all he try to do is business ventures talkin bout how he so smart.. techn9ne made more than u.. FUCKBOI

  • Grant Howell

    how the hell tech n9ne make so much scratch? he never had a #1 album in his life. man you know these lists is fake.

    • MaDD MaXx

      Ain’t that muchmoney in record sales unless you indie like Tech N9ne and he gets his real money off touring and doing shows.

      Some of these artists get paid 30K and up for a show and might do 8 shows a month at the least so you can imagine how the money adds up.

      Then you factor in publishing, singles sales etc and you make the Forbes list.

  • CT

    tech doenst have to sell major, unlike vanity labels he actually has a label and rakes in much more $$ per unit sold.

  • https://soundcloud.com/mrlutheriddler/ Mr Lu the Riddler

    No A$AP Rocky, no J Cole.. reality check

  • Mello Melanin

    These guys continue to make Hip Hop History! I was surprised to see Kendrick and Questlove on the list though. Good for them both! For more Hip Hop History check out http://www.RapBeatCreator.com

    • Mello Melanin

      Also surprised by Wiz Khalifa. I guess I need to turn my radio on.