It's been 10 years since OutKast put out their diamond-selling double disk, SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below and a lot has changed since then. One thing that hasn't altered is hip-hop's love for Atlanta's dynamic duo or their music. MTV recently chopped it up with Big Boi who reflected on the album saying the music is still relevant even after 10 years and a facelift to the rap industry. "We made timeless classics," said Big. "Our music don’t have a expiration date on it. The same way you can pop in a Michael Jackson album or a Prince album or a Isley Brothers album, it can stand the test of time.”

Daddy Fat Sacks went on to say the album still holds up to this day because it touched so many avenues in music. “Music is so stripped down right now," he said. "That was such a musical album that just covered so many genres of music to where you can set any mood to it.”

Check out the entire clip, where Sir Luscious recounts the label's reluctance to put out "Hey Ya" as the first single, below.