This week's title should actually be changed to "Most Confrontational Tweets Of The Week". With Gucci Mane going off on just about everyone in the music industry, many beefs that we unheard of are now ever prevalent. Many of those called out in Gucci's epic rant also chose to fire back. Although not to the same extent as Gucci, they let it be known that they were unappreciative of the dust that was kicked on them. However, the BSM head honcho now claims that the cold words tossed around on the social network were not words of his own but the comments of a hacker. No one will ever know the actual events of that day but XXL has gathered all for fans to see.

Other tweets that also made the cut were the quite comical birthday gifts 2 Chainz received from fans and Nicki Minaj telling Juicy to relax with the twerking madness.