Yesterday, news arrived that the long-awaited official Tupac biopic is set to start filming early next year in Atlanta. After years of a speculation and delays, TUPAC will finally be arriving in theaters in the near future.

Speculation on who will play the lead roles are high and many famous names have already been cast around in on who will play Tupac Shakur. XXL thought it would be fun today to come up with our dream cast for the major roles in the upcoming films. These are the actors and actresses we'd think would be best for the major roles in the film.


Chadwick Boseman As Tupac Shakur

Although, it was reported in the Summer of 2011 that Afeni Shakur had urged Atlanta Rapper Soulja Boy to read for the role, XXL respectfully disagrees with Ms. Shakur regarding to the choice to her play her son. We suggest that producers hire Chadwick Boseman who recently played another famous African-American hero, Jackie Robinson, in 42. Boseman has 'Pac's full eyebrows and soulful eyes, it's the intensity that he brought to Robinson in the film that makes us feel that he's right for Tupac.

 Tiny Lister, Jr. As Suge Knight

Who better to play the scariest hip-hop executive to ever live than Deebo himself? Tiny might be a tad bit old to play young Suge Knight but he's got the hulking menace down on lock.

Dana Guirra As Afeni Shakur

The actress who wants to play the woman who gave birth to Tupac Shakur needs to have a warrior's spirit inside of her. Thus, we suggest that the Walking Dead's Dana Guirra for the role. Guirra is best known for playing the samurai sword-wielding, zombie-killing Michonne on the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead.

Gravy As The Notorious B.I.G.


Diddy As Puffy

After the Derek Luke debacle in Notorious, Diddy is the only man with enough swagger to play himself. Plus, he already basically did play himself in 201o's underrated Get Him To The Greek.

Zoe Saldana As Jada Pinkett

Zoe Saldana has the beauty and grace to play Tupac Shakur's childhood best friend, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Wiz Khalifa As Snoop Dogg

While this might not be an obvious choice, Wiz Khalifa has Snoop's long, lanky build and prodigious love of the sticky green. Plus, Wiz Khalifa already has had the time to study to study Snoop's mannerisms since the duo co-starrted together in Mac & Devin Go To High School in 2012.