One of the sublime pleasures in life is diving into the electronic garbage heap that is online auction site, eBay, rooting about and finding a valuable treasure that you must own. It's a cliche to suggest that "there is something for everybody" on the site but sometimes truth is banal. With millions of items up for auction, the chances that you will find something that you desire and must possess is statistically astronomical. You can root around the site for five minutes and find some bauble or piece of pop culture memorabilia  that fits your fancy.

As with anything that pertains to the global sphere of capitalism, hip-hop memorabilia is well represented on eBay. At any given time, you find a discarded platinum plaque or a collection of vinyl records or trading card that you can attempt to bid on on the auction site. XXL wants to help you navigate the site with greater ease, in order, to ensure that you do not miss anything cool that you might want to purchase. We have scoured the site to find fifteen hip-hop collectibles that you can purchase right now on eBay.