15 Highest-Selling Debut Rap Albums In Hip-Hop History

Ask anybody who has asked a person of the opposite sex for a date… First impressions are important. In life, a limp first impression can permanently ruin your chances for success, hurt your career or inadvertently create enemies for life. It happens.

There is nothing quite like nailing that first opportunity. Whether, you are a professional athlete dominating your first game in the league, or you nail a job interview or you craft the perfect line to holler at hottie. There is nothing like the euphoria when you get things right the first time.

In hip-hop, there are artists who simply nail their first impressions with the public. For hip-hop’s most talented, they come up with the perfect alchemy to impress the public on the first day out, selling millions of records and cementing themselves as some of hip-hop’s most historic figures. XXL has compiled a list of hip-hop’s highest-selling debut in history.

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  • Benzion

    its crazy how much xxl hiphopdx etc puts all this energy on record sales vs actual skill. SMDH!!!

    • blackguy

      people have very, very different opinions on “skill”, the most direct reflection of an artist’s support, following, and # of fans is records sales…

  • jusholla

    So Kris Kross…Totally Krossed Out is missing…They sold more than 3 milliout out the gate.

    • That Guy

      It’s definitely ranked at 12th place.

  • Benzino

    hahaha! xxl is gay! they deleted my comment!! losers!!! you get an L!!!!

  • Infamous

    GOAT BTNH actually gettin love

  • Asger

    why only count the US sales??

  • simon says..

    “The Slim Shady LP” is not Eminem’s debut album.His debut album is “Infinite” released ’96

    • yourignorant

      your dumb as fuck. infinite was his first self released album, a debut album is a debut from a major recording label you stupid fuck get your facts right. ignorant ass.

      • simon says..

        No need to insult anyone.if there is anyone that is ignorant it is you dipshit.You don’t need to resort to personal attacks