Who Should Respond To Kendrick Lamar’s “King Of New York” Boast?

Kendrick Lamar

“I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York/King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle them both.”

“I’m usually homeboys with the same niggas I’m rhymin’ with/But this is hip-hop and them niggas should know what time it is/And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale/Pusha T, Meek Mills, A$AP Rocky, Drake/Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller/I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you niggas/Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas/They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas”

Last night, Twitter went crazy.

Funkmaster Flex premiered one of Big Sean’s tracks that didn’t make the cut for Hall Of Fame. “Control (HOF)” features a dark beat by No I.D., but due to sample clearances, the seven-minute affair will live on the Internet. So after several listens, what’s the takeaway? Kendrick bodies the beat. No wait, K. Dot murders it, blasting everyone from Big Sean to Drake and even claims he’s the King of New York.

The discussion is far from over. During the wee hours of the night, hip-hop heads and rappers commented on Kendrick’s verse. His call to arms definitely put a battery pack in the backs of a few MCs, who are more than likely cooking up their responses right now. We’ve got our fingers crossed that someone from NY will step up and put on for their city.

In the meantime, who do you think should respond first? Joey Bada$$ seemed adamant to fire off some rhymes, as well as Fab who tweeted this morning, “any studios open yet?” We’re waiting NY…

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  • trooper312

    No one cuz them kats from NY bitches

  • Kas

    K.dot will body them all

    • xAnt01n3x


      • Matt Cosgrove

        kendrick would destroy any of these guys with the exception of nas

        • James Zamora

          If you think Kendrick would destroy anyone from Wu-Tang, Lloyd Banks (Punchline King) or Fabolous then you’re fucking crazy!

          • Matt Cosgrove

            Kendrick would destroy MOST of Wu-Tang with the exception of maybe Method Man and GZA, but that’s a big maybe. And did you really just try and compare Lloyd Banks and Fabolous to Kendrick and Wu-Tang? Seriously?? Fab is not that great, he’s pretty average.

          • FormahCity

            matt do u know who raekwon is?

          • Ilovehiphop

            Well Said Forma city!

  • D Brown

    He said he king of new york when you have legends like Jay-z (top 100 influencial people in the world), Nas etc and good rappers atm like Joe Budden and wale. If jay respond and actually decides to go in it’s over for this nigga

    • James

      No. Kendrick is ten times the rapper Jay z is. For some reason people still respect this guy as if he’s the no.1. Kendrick is no.1, rapping and lyricism.

      • bman

        number 1? no way, how are you going to pass up guys like jadakiss, eminem, even fab…..kendrick is good, but to call yourself the king you have to be in the game longer than a prince!

        • Jair Crooms

          if you come in the game shittin on the King you can become the king … body the king become the King … that’s how it works right ?

          • disqus_WYFklQLV2s

            takes a lot more than one verse to dethrone the legends everyone is talking about. if you come in shittin on the king, i consider that ignorance

          • Jair Crooms

            ill agree it does take way more than one verse … but I honestly Kendrick has drop way more than one verse that has “shitted” on the whole game

          • disqus_WYFklQLV2s

            i fux with kendrick, i’m just saying anyone who is a self proclaimed anything is usually suspect. especially king of new york, you don’t take that name, its given/earned

          • Christhebronxmogul

            All Kendrick said was the same thing all these other young dudes in the game are saying. “I’m BIG and PAC mixed together” Makavelli comment = 2 pac. King of New York = BIG. Juggle them both = I’m that dude. I don’t agree with his opinion of himself but I respect it and commend him on his efforts. Now for my opinion, I know for a fact Joey, Drake, and Cole can definitely body him. bar for bar, And for the people who say “Drake?”, 5 A.M. in Toronto, was light and heavy at the same time. Easy work.

          • Wilder Than Van

            Ya’ll are missing the entire point for Kendrick Lamar dropping his verse the way he did. He didn’t mention anybody that is an OG in the Hip Hop game. All are new and upcoming establishing artists. If the older cats want to get involved then let them, he’s not dissing anybody. This is all about lyrical and competitive ability. The ones that send something back are responding to the fire Kendrick just lit up each and every MC’s ASS! Ever since Biggie and Tupac passed, every person has identified East and West coast with them. Kendrick is saying that’s cool and all but this is 2013, this is the new class of MC’s and in order for you to take the throne you have to CHALLENGE IT. Most the older MC’s will make it about money, cars and the bullshit that has saturated the game and desecrated it’s art.
            I’m more impressed that he was willing to stick his neck out RESPECTFULLY and say let’s go dudes, we all know we got bars, who is the best? In the end everybody will have their own opinion but I haven’t heard a response yet that has brought any of the MC’s he mentioned back to life. Ortiz was decent but there’s still more to come.
            New Age of hip hop with new MC’s the game is changing back to how it should be direct hits, no subliminal lines. Mad MC’s are about to go ham on this but so far Kendrick BODIED the MC GAME and there is no denying that. You can’t say he won’t have longevity because you don’t know….but he’s letting the game and the public know he’s here and he means well and is bringing the MC art back. It’s about to get Wild!

          • Atlantis

            THANK YOU!!!!!

      • Mark Mcintosh

        you bugging Kendrick is nice but don’t compare him to jay z no disrespect but you sound like a gerber

      • Prince James

        yeah but will kendrink’s music stand the test of time?? will we be still talking him 10 to 15 years from now ??? jay z and nas get that respect because they EARNED IT !! YOU MUST BE A YOUNGING

      • bowsaa

        Until Kendrick drops something as good as Reasonable Doubt (which will NEVER happen in today’s rap game) he won’t be able to touch Hov.

  • devin

    I think the only people who would acknowledge it and respond are papoose but nobody would really care, joey badass, and styles p

  • ssssssssssss

    loyd banks plk

  • kay619

    East coast niggas all talk.

  • bman

    let Jadakiss go for a few bars, top 3 dead or alive, and then let joe budden wrap it up.

    • devin

      jada would absolutely body kendrick

      • bman

        no doubt, just like after 50 threw out piggy bank and he came back with animal. “king of NY, n***a you live in Connecticut” . You want to talk lyricists you have to include jada, he’s still on top

  • One and done

    Did the poll wrong, geniuses.

  • James Taylor

    I LOVE this! It’s about time that the rap game got competitive again! It would be huge if Joey Bad, A$AP Rocky, and Jay Z each responded to Kendrick, since these are all huge mainstream rappers and would definitely get radio attention. And hopefully, whoever does come back sends direct shots, no sublimals.

    • sketch

      If you want direct shots then take Jay Z off that list. Dude plays mind games in his verse every time.

      • Matt Cosgrove

        not really

    • TPrizm

      Joey and A$AP are homies with Kendrick, and Jay Z could, but I feel like he doesn’t have it in him

      • Matt Cosgrove

        He still called Rocky out though

    • BuddahHead

      joey baddas isnt mainstream

  • Jair Crooms

    since joey bada$$ and A$ap are 2 of the hottest NY mc’s right now and Jay-Z being one of the hottest of all time it would only be right for them to respond … But lets be honest Kendrick will killem all

    • Jetlife001

      LOL HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NAH swank would kill kendrick

    • Ra Santos

      Joey Bada$$ is good but A$ap since when??

  • sketch

    He’s not talking to the pedigree, seasoned vets like Jay, Nas, Budden, etc. He’s talking to Joey Bad and Asap. Talib Kweli said it best, stop rapping like them south nigz. And add to that… stop singing!

  • Guest

    fabolous and asap rocky are ass.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    no nigga from the east coast is fucking with kendrick. jada can try but he don’t want it.

    • disqus_WYFklQLV2s

      Jada is top 3 dead or alive…….Longevity, and lyricist hes not putting out mixtapes like the youngins but you can’t take that title from him. Kendrick is a nobody in terms of legends from NY…..Biggie, Hov, Styles P, Jada…….not to mention he’s from Cali, how you a king of NY?

  • rallo

    why is 50 Cent not on this list? he been involved in more feuds and released more diss tracks than anyone on it

    • Taihair Djehuty

      cause no ones seen 50, musically, in some time.

      • rallo

        he was just on a track with kendrick called “We Up”

        • Taihair Djehuty

          I mean as a solo force. 50 Cent has been pretty quiet since Before I Self Destruct. 50 used to be one of NY’s heavyweights, but he’s been on Jenny Craig since 2010.

  • Its Ya Boi

    He didn’t even diss Jay-Z or Nas

    • disqus_WYFklQLV2s

      “king of new york” i’d say thats a jay diss

  • bowsaa

    Nas should really remind him who the king of NY is

    • guest

      Ether part 2

  • TwoTeks

    Lesssbeee honest, Ghostface Killah would bodybag Kendrick.

  • south_Bentral_rydah

    kieth sweat jus texted me the answer n was like “NOOBOODY!” LOL

  • Roki’s Tribe

    OG SWAnk stand fast

  • south_Bentral_rydah


  • south_Bentral_rydah


  • MC Hype

    Kendrick Lamar set the bar high he brought back the competition now its about to get heated, NYC its your turn to respond.

  • LuiKang

    Yall niggas acting like this was the HOLY GRAIL rap verse of all time, it was GREAT, EXCELLENT but it wasnt something to be THIS HYPED about… hypebeasts man.

  • Guest

    Niggas on XXL be gassing up invisible cars sometimes. Also, if cats ain’t heard the whole song, he says he’s on that GOAT pedastal w/ Nasir Jones, Sean Carter, Marshall Mathers, etc. He says clearly that all these new niggas are just that, and need to fall back off trying for dude’s spot. And if you think dude dropped a verse implying he runs both coasts, you’ve gotta assume he’s got ammo on deck for challengers.

    King of NYC? IDK if that’s something Kendrick is allowed to decide, much less state until he has a few legends from the Beast Coast repping for him. I’ll say this shit though; any other rapper not from New York that made that claim wouldn’t have gotten this much coverage for it, so take that as you will.

  • yawningglory

    Do ya’ll remember the other day, when Average-Sized Sean said he thought he could outrap anyone? Man barely made the Top 3 on this song (and that’s because I’m not 100% sure if No I.D. deserves Bronze for blessing them with this beat).

  • Rome Williams

    ok maybe i read the list wrong. I love Joe budden but don’t he rep Jersey? So why would he defend New York’s Honor?

    • titan

      He’s actually from New York although he reps Jersey.

    • Ty

      He reps jersey caus he’s not good enough to be a top player in nyc

  • Rambo Deochenta

    none,niggas is hot garbage, that why klamar did that shit!!!!wow KONY the nigga said!!!!!wow! k is the man!!!

  • Rambo Deochenta


  • What

    French Montana on the list???

    • xAnt01n3x

      seriously xxl are smoking that bath salt

    • Professor xXx Rated

      I Know right 0-o!!!!

  • doug e. fresh

    Ghost would murk his ass!

  • Deejay

    All I know is kendrick is by far the best new rapper we’ve had in a long time all this new shit sucks I’ve been waiting for someone to blow off shots at all this whack shit hopsin did it but do you honestly think Hollywood rappers are on youtube looking for someone dissing em hell no not to mention kendrick just kill big sean on his own shit

  • Ian Smith


  • Stephen avery frith

    i wanna hear NAS body him cause he the best in my eyes

  • Christhebronxmogul

    All Kendrick said was the same thing all these other young dudes in the game are saying. “I’m BIG and PAC mixed together” Makavelli comment = 2 pac. King of New York = BIG. Juggle them both = I’m that dude. I don’t agree with his opinion of himself but I respect it and commend him on his efforts. Now for my opinion, I know for a fact Joey, Drake, and Cole can definitely body him. bar for bar, And for the people who say “Drake?”, 5 A.M. in Toronto, was light and heavy at the same time. Easy work!

  • Conner

    nas jay z or 50 the kings of NY i love kendrick but thats somthin bold taking on legends like those

    • bowsaa

      you can’t put 50 in the same league as Nas and Jigga. Nas, Jay-Z, and Wu-Tang run new york

  • nycforlife

    Joelle Ortiz response is fire!!!!!!!!!

    • Ty


    • Oli

      yeah if he left out the verse where he’s asking Dre for any job appenings

  • of

    i aint think nun ya niggas ready for that doris..give it a week y’all gona see who da reel king is

    • ImAGhost


  • ImAGhost

    I don’t think any rappers NEED to respond. Maybe if they want to just for competition. If any (not just NY) rappers mentioned (or not mentioned) felt like they are competition to Kendrick, then they will make their own track.

  • ticallion

    i dont think he was refering himself literally as the king of new york. if ya’ll payed attention he said im makavelis offspring, im the king of new york. not neccessarily stating he runs new york but implying he’s got both 2pac and (king of new york) biggie in him. right?

  • HipHopsince91

    Jay Z and Nas are hall of fame they dont need to respond this was aimed for the new rappers and the new hiphop game, kendrick is trying to bring back the competition of hiphop and wake up all these corny rappers, it wasent a diss it was the HANGE we needed!

    • HipHopsince91


  • bfa55

    i think it would be interesting to hear el-p and kendrick go at it. honestly el-p is better than anyone in new york right now and thats just my opinion im not debating. hes not going to though because hes a vet. that line had nothing to do with vets. i dont even consider it a diss but its gonna lead to some friendly competition. hopefully it stays friendly

  • Guillaume Pilon

    jay dont care

    asap got no skillz

  • ray

    this is irrelevant, joell ortiz bodied that beat

  • Darby

    isn’t Kendrick from Compton, not NY?

  • Nix

    Seriously? they aren’t going to include KRS-One as an option? WHACK!

  • xzaytx



    every one has to understand that k dot is making a name for himself and the whole hip hop movement the name dropping is just calling out all the new hip hop heads to start making music like back in the day with the likes of dre snoop wu tang biggie and east and west coast and even the south.ALL THE MUSIC COMING OUT ARE HITS KEEP IT COMING SHABBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







  • B

    Nicki Manaj…? Really… Common now.

  • Johnny Cage

    Vinny Cha$e & Kid Art should respond.

  • Ty

    Honestly I don’t think anyone can respond to this, Jay is kind of the face of NY but to get at kendrick now would be kind of stepping down from a throne he likes to view himself at so best he could do is a couple of lines not even a whole verse. So maybe one of the Youngns, Joey, Rocky, Zombies or underachievers.

  • Owen T

    With all respect to Kendrick, Jay-Z or Nas could rip him a new one, and remind him why THEY are the kings of NY, but they don’t really care, because they’re both coming to the end of incredible careers and it doesnt matter to them what Kendrick says

  • Icon Kain

    be the king of your city first..Ya digg

  • Ra Santos

    Nobody should respond he never claimed to be the king of ny…he said he was makaveli’s offspring (Tupac) and the king of NY (Biggie)..Where is that a diss of any kind ?.The media needs to stop hyping it up if u pay attention to the verse..It’s about time something shook up some Ny rappers and get a resurgence going..He lite fire and it was hot..I’m from Nyc and it’s very few Nyc rappers that impress me..90′s was the greatest era here in Rap

  • Casey

    hooo boy, little nikka, now why you wanna go and scare all these nice people,come into there town n start up some shit!?

  • Sundaddy


  • Ferdinand Ubri

    Hey, if you’ve some to pick with ma nigga kendrick, why dont ya pick a mic, its cheap, maybe he’ll use it to freestyle ur ass to hell !!!

  • beesee

    No Talib Kweli?

  • Professor xXx Rated

    kiss and fab

  • NewZealandRapFan

    “New niggas just new niggas, dont get involved”

    Maaan, Joey Bada$$ should get involved, show him that some new niggas can still hold it down. #ProEra

  • Dactylic Beats

    This was undeniably one of the biggest moments this hip hop era needed. I listen to everything and Kendrick is undoubtedly a monster and this era’s champ of the MC until proven wrong.. So Niggas its go time!! Step ya game up or step down.