Trinidad Jame$ stopped by the Breakfast Club this morning to talk about his latest project, 10 PC Mild, but he spent a good portion of the interview discussing everything but his new mixtape. Towards the beginning of the interview the Breakfast Club crew asked Jame$ about Joe Budden's "Control" response, which saw the Slaughterhouse rapper taking shots at the "All Gold Everything" rapper, and Jame$'s subsequent statements about wanting to mix it up with Budden.

Jame$ sounded at peace with Budden's diss on the show. "However he felt on that track, he said it," said Jame$. "But he's the same person that wanted me to come out at his show and it was all love. I know it's all love."

Jame$ also shared an intense moment with Charlamagne Tha God regarding the radio personality's comments in the past about Jame$ being a one-hit-wonder. Jame$ listed multiple times when Charlamagne had said negative things about him, but he didn't seem too upset with the matter. "You're doing your job," said Jame$ at one point in the clip. "That's a part of you being you." Watch the full interview above.