Take A Look At Wiz Khalifa’s 20 Most Fashionable Moments

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    Wiz Khalifa
  • WizFashion2
    <h2>Drawing inspiration from Jimi.</h2>
  • WizFashion3
    <h2>Woodstock vibes.</h2>
  • WizFashion4
    <h2>Wiz's fashion is great, but the joint wins here.</h2>
  • WizFashion5
    <h2>Wiz's beach is better.</h2>
  • WizFashion6
    <h2>The most baller album cover in recent memory.</h2>
  • WizFashion7
    <h2>The ying to Miguel's yang.</h2>
  • WizFashion9
    <h2>A closer look.</h2>
  • WizFashion10
    <h2>All black everything.</h2>
  • WizFashion11
    <h2>Sometimes no fashion is all the fashion you need.</h2>
  • WizFashion12
    <h2>Barry Bonds earring in.</h2>
  • WizFashion13
  • Wiz Khalifa Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend at Ditch Fridays
    <h2>Casual chic.</h2>
  • WizFashion15
    <h2>Young rockstar.</h2>
  • WizFashion16
    <h2>That hat, though.</h2>
  • WizFashion17
    <h2>WInter livin'.</h2>
  • WizFashion18
    <h2>California Wiz.</h2>
  • WizFashion19
    <h2>Hendrix revisited.</h2>
  • WizFashion21
    <h2>Hendrix revisited, again.</h2>
  • WizFashion22

Late last week, fashion-forward rapper Wiz Khalifa dropped a new single from his forthcoming Blacc Hollywood, called “Look What I Got On.” The song is a straightforward ode to the many designers Wiz likes to rock, as well as a celebration of his new Converse line. So in honor of Wiz’s new trend-conscious lifestyle, we pulled together some photos from his most fashionable moments. Click through to check them out, and listen to “Look What I Got On” here. 

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