Coronation Street, the world's longest-running TV soap opera in production which plays on ITV, dropped star Chris Fountain after  video clips of him emerged online, where you see the actor rapping about about rape in his alter-ego, The Phantom. As The Phantom, his lyrics would be very dark and violent, going as far to say "rape a bitch on her birthday."  He would wear a Halloween mask while he raps. Fountain played Tommy Duckworth on Coronation Street.

ITV terminated his contract, stating "Chris Fountain's contract with ITV has been terminated as a result of the unacceptable comments he made in a number of online clips." Something Chris says he "completely understand."

Chris said in a statement he was "deeply sorry" and "mortified" at the embarrassment he has brought to colleagues and employers. Fountain would go on to say "My biggest regret however is not to do with losing my job, but that I have hurt and let down so many people including those in a vulnerable situation and I am so very deeply ashamed of this."