Just when you thought people were done weighing in on Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, someone else comes back with another take on the subject. This time it's Skillz, the rapper behind the annual "Rap Up" series, offering his perspective on Kendrick's lyrical firebomb in an interview with Revolt. The Virginia MC has nothing but positive things to say about Kendrick, instead saving his more withering critiques for the rappers named in the song.

For one thing, Skillz wasn't impressed with any of the Twitter responses. "We're doing all the talking for him," explains Skillz in the clip. "Back in the day, niggas would've been at Flex that night with some Mobb Deep instrumentals. Those days are over. Niggas run to Twitter. That shit is corny to me."

He goes on to explain that he listened to most of the responses and that he enjoyed the ones from Los, Joe Budden and the Mad Rapper. He also cracks some jokes about rappers who used verses they already had saved up to respond to Kendrick.

Towards the end of the clip he offers some advice for one of the biggest names Kendrick took aim at in the song: Drake. "Kendrick and Drake can both rap their asses off," he says. "I like that. They're both dope. I'm waiting to hear what Drake has to say. I like the fact that he hasn't said nothing yet but I know he's gonna say something. He's got an album coming out. It would be smart of him to do it right before his shit about to drop. It ain’t really a marketing stunt if you said my name first. I’mma say your name when it makes perfect sense for me to say it."

Watch the whole clip above.

[via HipHopDX]