Seven Embarrassing Incidents Rappers Had Before They Were Famous

Action Bronson Appears In Tampon Commercial

I suppose there are a worse fates than appearing in a nationally television commercial for women’s hygiene products but this doesn’t make this particular incident any less hilarious. In a blink-and-you-missed-it moment, Bronson is approached on the street by a frazzled woman asking if he could kindly purchase some tampons for her in the drug store ahead. For a man as verbose as Bronsonlino, Bam Bam’s response was hilarious succinct, “What?”

In response this week, Bronson took it it stride tweeting “”I was in a Tampon commercial a couple years back hahaha…. She had just asked me to buy her tampons…. Of course I said yes.”

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  • Renae

    Why would he want this video to disappear this is history it shows where he started and where he is now.

  • larnelle® worl boss

    lool the riff raff shit was funny

  • France Selina Williams

    That chick on Change of Heart is probably kicking herself now…

  • CookieG

    He def came up..I love me some riff raff with his sexy fine ass