Play No Games [Chris Lighty's 2003 XXL In-Book Story]

A week after meeting Lighty in his office, this writer is finally getting a good night’s sleep. Safe in the knowledge that the American armed forces liberated the Iraqi people and destroyed all those pesky weapons of mass destruction (Uhh…hmm… well, one out of two ain’t bad) and that Violator is going to stop the madness and concertrate on making money. But then the bubble of bliss is popped when a catchy remake of 2Pac’s “Hail Mary” hits the streets. You know that song—the one where International acclaimed recording artist Chris Light cusses out Irv Gotti by name.

Uh, excuse me. Chris?

“I stepped out of character,” he ‘fesses up, speaking over the phone. “The reality is that as much I try to walk the line of saneness, I’m no Jesus Christ. How many times can something continue to happen to us and we bear the brunt and not say something?”

So you fucked up?

“It was poor judgment.”

And what have we learned from this, Chris?

“We’re not answered any more records. Ja Rule can make 200 million records about us, it doesn’t matter. It’s beyond us. It’s silly now. Really silly. We’re detracting from our business…” Lighty pauses. “Listen. Why are our disputes any difference than when Jimmy Iovine and Lyor Cohen have differences?

Hmm, the guns?

“Yeah. That’s where we have to go. Unfortunately, we have people around us who take everything to the streets. Where the reality is, were all making a lot of money. We got bigger and better things to be doing than chasing each other down the street. All I want to do is make records and be thankful to be in this business. I can’t be bothered with the bickering, it takes up too much time.”