Mariah Carey Shuts Down Nick Cannon On “Wild ‘N Out”

Mariah Carey is not to be messed with and Nick Cannon found this out the hard way! When the comedian was attempting to flirt with a female co-host on his “Wild’N Out” series, the pop diva appeared quickly putting her spouse in check.

“I will shut all this shit down!” said Mariah on the MTV2 series.“I know, I’m sorry,” replied Nick who was totally taken by surprise.

Check out the hilarious encounter above.

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    i’m a big fan of mariah carey and nick you know better !!!!!!

  • guestttttt

    it was all part of the show nd of course he looked shocked he is an actor!!

  • hakeem0996

    that shit was planned .how dumb are you guys at xxl to not smell a set up .

  • LuiKang


  • Poosi Eater

    i’d phuck mariah in the arse

  • fireinside

    Very planned and cute. They work together. But I’m mad at those granny pants that chick was wearing while ole arz Mariah came out with the flat belly looking FAB. She could give that Nikki chick pointers on the belly side. Go MC.

    • tahoegeminii

      they had to make the “other woman” look like sh–t and MeMe was supposed to be so hot or ya know Meme wasn’t going to do it-failed at that too-what IS wrong with her Frankenstein gut-it’s just scary-MeMe looked like some old hag stripper trying waaayy too hard to get noticed-oh wait– that’s what she is-and the only believable part was when Nick started licking her but and apologizing-that came very natural to him almost dog like conditioned response -he obviously has to do that alot-as a planned skit stupid and cheesy-all those poser sheep might want to sit around and lick MeMe’s a-hole but most people just find her incredibly vain, self important and totally nauseating-and her music totally sucks too

  • tahoegeminii

    did someone think this was real??? MeMe is the worst actress -and she looked soo lame-what is with her gut-it’s just scary-so ever since “The Butler” MeMe has been playing that poor me black card like there’s no tomorrow-are the BET awards coming up or something?? just a few months ago she was crying to Barbara Walters that the scary black thug women was going to kill her babies and needed more security-like Mrs. Thurston Howell III-now she is black again?? and honestly this was so fake, staged and lame -total fail

  • 2Xtravagant

    For you delinquent idiots and haters ..its spelled MIMI Thanks Have several

  • JoanCrawford1

    He has NO balls left. Literally NO balls left. What a sorry excuse for a man.

  • JoanCrawford1

    Oh honey it was real – Mariah cannot act – look at her face – trust me it’s real.