Machine Gun Kelly On His Standing In Hip-Hop: “There’s No Way I’m Not In The Top Five”

Machine Gun Kelly speaks to Boss Lady in a fairly awkward interview on SiriusXM in support of his recently-released mixtape—or free album, as he’s referring to it—Black Flag. Boss Lady kicks things off by immediately comparing MGK’s name switch up to J. Lo, which gets everything off on the right foot, before Kelly explains that this tape sees him at the top of his game. He also touches on the disrespect he feels he gets—from Coachella, from the established music industry—and says he’s inspired a lot of rappers, but he’s been denied entrance to the “class of hip-hop.” “If I’m honestly not considered in the top ten lyricists of right now?” he asks. “You can’t tell my fans that there’s a better rapper than Machine Gun Kelly…Hands down, there’s no way I’m not in the top five.” Check out the full video above.

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  • Infinite8

    Really! Top 5 ???? Really Top 10 in HipHop??? Hmmm…… Sounds a little delusional to me!!

    • Danny Adamczyk

      He said in the current class. That excludes anyone that has been doing it for awhile. Look at the past 5 years of hip-hop and say 10 names that are better than MGK

      • Douchebag15

        He didn’t say “current class,” she did.

        • Danny Adamczyk

          And he agreed.

          • Douchebag15

            If by agree, you mean ignore her and keep talking, then, yeah, that’s what he did.

          • open up

            He said yes and continued talking.

      • G u not

        1. Kendrick Lamar
        2. J. Cole
        3. Big KRIT
        4. Drake
        5. Kid Cudi
        6. Wale
        7. Freddie Gibbs
        8. Ab-Soul
        9. Meek Mill
        10. Chance the Rapper

        • G u not

          Man, even in the white rapper category, he is the weak link.

          1. Yelawolf
          2. Action Bronson
          3. Rittz
          4. Logic
          5. Maybe MGK

          • Douchebag15

            I’d put Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy ahead of MGK

          • Informer

            Yes! I’m with u on Hoodie and G-Eazy being up there, but not above MGK for me. Asher Roth is one of the best, imo. I forgot all about Hoodie, but I knew I was missing someone in my post. If u like Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy you’d prolly like T. Mills, Sammy Adams, Chris Webby if u haven’t checked them out already. Grieves and Watsky too.

          • Danny Adamczyk

            Kendrick Lamar was good up until his actual album dropped, that shit was garbage. J. Cole, Drake, Kid Cudi, Meek Mill and Wale lmfao you’re on drugs they are all fucking HORRIBLE. Kid Cudi had a chance until he started saying the same line over and over with a 8 bar verse thrown in so he can call it a song. Big KRIT is dope along with Freddie Gibbs and Ab-Soul. Chance the Rapper I don’t know. Yelawolf hasn’t provided a song that I can listen to from start to finish, his verses and delivery are ok but something about him is off for me, wouldn’t even put him on a top 100 list. Action is meh. Rittz and Logic are better than your 1 and 2 spots.

            Music is subjective so obviously it comes down to what you look for in rhymes, delivery, etc. I prefer fast delivery and lyrical complexity. MGK has the delivery and has a lot of good lines but then kills it when he ends each bar with “bitch” or whatever word he decides to use. I’d still put him above anyone you named though considering most of their lyrical ability can be topped by a 10 year old.

          • Jorge

            Lol you saying kendricks album is trash just proves you don’t know what your talking about your probably one of those guys that puts on a song and just listens to the beat Kendrick lamar’s good kid maad city has to be the best album to come out in the past 10 years its ahead of its time its like hearing a movie with the tv off every song has a meaning to it so please keep your non sense comments to yourself

          • Leon Legacy

            what the fuck is the white rapper category? im sorry i wasnt aware that we were still segregating our rappers. either way, i dont get the whole hype around action Bronson, that dude is whack as fuck. logic is pretty good, rittz is okay, but your sleeping if you didn’t mention asher roth bro. get up on some seared foi gras and quincy cranberries or some pabst and jazz and you’ll see what im talking about. roth is one of the most slept on dudes in the game.

          • jasmine

            I think he was just making the point that even out of all the white rappers we have in the current class that MGK is still not in the top 5. My top 5 of white rappers would be
            1. Macklemore 2. Mac Miller 3. Action 4.Asher Roth 5. Yela 6. Ritzz 5. then MGK bc i do like him but lately all of his interviews are like this “ohhh i’m def top 5″ like seriously? boy sit down. Also i don’t think we can include Logic bc he’s mixed that means we’d have to include Drake & Jcole in the top 5 white rappers haha

          • that dude

            Mackelmore beats MGK out easily and is probably number one on this list. No lie.

          • G u not

            Good call. I overlooked Macklemore. Also Mac Miller now that I think of it. You know? LOL MGK isn’t even in the top 5 white rappers.

          • Fools on here crazy

            Mac Miller is not even close to being better than kells, stop lying to yourselves.

          • Being Honest

            Asher Roth up there too.

          • Hyznburg

            Hell no. Wacklemore is an effeminate cornball fuckboy who wouldn’t be shit without Ryan Lewis. MGK/Malibu’s Most Wanted is garbage as well for completely different reasons…he’s got some bars but his ego is completely fuckin unjustified.

            IMO it’s like this right now:
            1) Bronson
            2) Yela
            3) Rittz
            4) R.A. the Rugged Man
            5) Eminem (yeah he’s fallen off, but even today he’d fuckin own Macklemore or MGK)

          • Jasmine

            Mac Miller is above MGK too.

          • QWEST

            The reason every one is sucking action’s dick is cause the hip hop media is telling everyone he’s nice when really he’s trash, and yelawolf is wack defiantly not above Rittz or top 5 for that fact, Mgk is however top 5 and people who are salty af try to deny him his due, Which is exactly what he’s saying.

          • Rack Em

            Logic is mixed bro..don’t know if you can put him in the “white rapper” category. Not to mention he’s a better spitter than anyone else on that list

          • Rack Em

            Logic is mixed bro..don’t know if you can put him in the “white rapper” category. Not to mention he’s a better spitter than anyone else on that list

          • Ryan

            Rittz should be number 1, he’s amazing

          • Dru Down

            Logic is half black. He is black as Obama, Drake, Bizzy Bone, etc.

            Does that really make him a white rapper? I guess we have a white president then….

            Still a good list, but race is silly when you think about it.

          • Anirudh Anination

            Bitch……MGK > Yela

        • Leon Legacy

          i give you kendrick and j.cole, cudi is a dope lyricists but i don’t necessarily think of him as a rapper. drake was hot, but he fell off lyrically. i think MGK shows more technical skill when it comes to rapping then wale, freddie gibbs, ab-soul, and chance, that coupled with his lyricism “which isnt the best but is actually really good if you actually listen to what the dude is saying” his delivery which is hands down one of the best out of the new cats in the game right now. i would say that mgk is arguably up there. he’s one of my personal favorites.

        • chonkeyb1

          DRAKE??? this isnt a softest rapper list. fredie gibbs esgn is nice though

        • Jasmine

          Yes. I agree. I would trade Meek Mill for Macklemore though. but yes this list.

        • Lace up the haters

          Drake is whack the fact you put him higher than ab is up surd, meek mill not even that nice and wale is off and on mostly off, chance not as good as joey badass. If you took time to listen to MGk’s lyrics you would see that he deserves to be #10, thus making him top ten

        • MidwestNow!

          freddie gibbs and meek mill? noooooooo! lol

  • Leon Legacy

    i dont think he can really claim top 5, theres just too many dudes out there doing here thing right now, especially if he’s talking “of all time” im a fan of machine gun kelly but thats just crazy. i would say he’s arguably top ten out of the new school (xxl freshman cover alumni) cats in the mainstream industry, definitely top 15, if that. but top five is kind of pushing it. that being said, LACE THE FUCK UP BITCHES!

  • Kris Brand

    who’s the idiot that decided on the annoying transitions? It’s so distracting. the whole video….really? Really!? You’re not supposed to highlight your edits. they’re supposed to be invisible. this is an interview not a music video.

  • God of Hip Hop

    LOL LOL LOL Top 5? Not even on a list. This dude is boring – lots of people can rap fast, but do you have harmony? Keep studying YelaWolf and admire a true artist — unfortunately for MGK, Yela is a gifted talent and NO ONE will be able to do what he does…

    • Piccolo

      Yela is whack, and kells doesn’t always rap fast

  • Shaun

    MGK looks like an ignorant fucking moron wearing “FUCK COLLEGE” shirt. This is why people have the stereotype that all rappers are unintelligent losers.

  • Illz

    He doesnt even make my list of top 50…LOL.. Them drugs got him delusional.. Charlamange pulled his ho card on the Breakfast Club let him rap and still said he was weak and MGK was almost ready to start crying..

  • Jasmine

    I was a big fan of his for a while but after seeing so many of these interviews where he says the exact same thing about being in the top 5 he just went down on my list. Why can’t he be more humble? he’s good & his mixtapes are too but man he’s acting like he’s gods gift to hip hop. & he is far from it.

  • vic

    All you guys talkin shit about Machine Gun Kelly dont know shit. Seriously all the bullshit that comes out of your guys mouth is ridiculous. Yes, he is one of the best rappers in the game and if you are saying he’s not a lyricist then you are just flat out dumb. Actually listen to the dudes music, more than 2 or 3 songs and if you still deny his skill then thats fine cause he still has one of the worlds strongest movement behind him FOREVER. LACE UP

    • Ryan

      Black Flag was amazing but you gotta admit, Wild Boy was just a bullshit rap song to get mainstream buzz

  • quest

    Best Hip Hop artist of all time. Haters Be Jeloous BABY!

  • quest

    you guys are delusional. Best Hip-hop artist out there. Aint no one can do a live show like mgk. Lace Up beeeeaaaatch.

    • Ryan

      Tech N9ne and the rest of strange music

  • jorge

    Kendrick lamar – kanye west – jay z – immortal technique – ab soul – school boy q – jay rock – j cole – tech n9ne – logic – joell Ortiz – crooked I – joe budden – I can go on and on this guys ego is getting to his head or something because he is definitely not in the top five im sorry im not a hater or nothing but I know real hip hop and this is just a diss to other rappers for saying something stupid like this smh

  • get a life

    Its comical to think most of you think you know what you’re talking about when you’re only stating opinions. The only reason Macklemore gets so much attention is because his song is played on the radio 30 times a day. and all it really comes down to is opions. alot of time producers are the real talents as is the case of Macklemore/Ryan Lewis. If you actually take time to hear the lyrics and the stories they are telling you might have a different outlook. As far as lyrics and flow go I would say MGK is a top 10 right now. in MY opinion MGK, Los, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Logic are the best lyricists out right now. Obviously if were talkin all time the list would be way longer.

  • Informer

    Ya’ll are missing some of the best out in the comments here. Asher deserves some recognition. If we’re talking white rappers it’s like this for me.
    *Eminem (obvious)
    #1 – MGK (hands down ma fucka!)
    #2 – Asher Roth (too underrated)
    #3 – Mac Miller
    #4 – Macklemore (dude makes hits)
    #5 – Mike Posner
    #6 – Grieves – listen to ‘Bloody Poetry’
    #7 – Watsky
    #8 – Yelawolf
    #9 – Rittz
    #10 – G-Eazy

    We’ll throw some wild cards in there just to keep the list going, Sammy Adams, Chris Webby, T. Mills, Action Bronson, Logic, Iggy Azalia (overrated), Chanel West Coast in there too. For some silly shit, Bo Burnham, Dirt Nasty, Riff Raff.