Layzie Bone Quits Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Layzie Bone announced this week  that he will be leaving Bone Thugs-N-Harmony after he fulfills his scheduled appearances with the group. In a letter that he wrote on Twitter, the Cleveland MC announced that he will exit from the group after Bone Thugs finishes up their scheduled dates on the Rock The Bells Tour and remaining television appearances associated with that.

“I will be performing with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at the Rock the Bells dates and for a TV Appearance with them, but after that I am not obligated to do anything else with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.” Layzie wrote. “Let the record show that I’m part of  one deal with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony which is only the single for “Everything 100″ which is all I’m obligated for.”

Layzie also mentioned that he will be leaving the group to pursue solo obligations announcing that he is working on a new album, Perfect Timing, and will be building up his new venture, Brand Harmony Howse Entertainment.

“Well I’m letting yall know that I’ve been working on my brand new album “Perfect Timing” & building my brand, Harmony Howse Entertainment. I’m doing what makes sense right now for my family and myself which is building my own brand.”

[Via HipHopDX]

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  • Murray Murrayson

    nigga 40 make himself look 20 again think he too cool to be in bone thugs no more fuck boy you arent marketable

    • QueenNub BizManager Williams

      Granted how Lazyie Bone chose to leave the group could have been better then what he gave them. Hell but he isn’t the first one to leave but he is the first to announce leaving, in the nicest way he could, w/o saying “FU Niggas” Think about it through all the turmoil the group went through over the years he was there, through all the failed albums sales he was there. Media between brother Flesh Bone & Bizzy Bone he was still with the group. Sometimes all that mess takes it’s toll period. He stayed longer then I would of, & I’m just keepin it 100. But don’t not support him to prove a point, if you a fan of BTH, then you should be a fan of Layzie Bone bottom line.

      • melodicmizery

        all hes doing is leaving to do a few solo joints, i promise you as soon as he knocks a cd or 2 out he will be back in bone. they all do this. it has nothing to do with arguing or none of that. the way they talk to each other is by arguing half the time its normal. his “quitting” just means hes going to record something else and real quick and be back. they dont know how to word press statements good at all and they make it sound all screwed up. thats why they need a major label again because they need someone to keep there heads straight instead of a big mess. when eazy died they all just started doing whatever they wanted to.sometimes they need to stop being the leader and admit they need guidance and help

  • melodicmizery

    he’ll be back, how many times have we heard this story

    • QueenNub BizManager Williams

      Wow that’s supportive, he might be back, but the difference is he isn’t Flesh and he isn’t Bizzy. So give the man some support. Hell BTH suppose him & as a fan a real BTH fan you should be supporting him too, and anyone else in BTH that ventures out as well

      • melodicmizery

        i do support him, but why is this news. this publicity stunt has been done with every single member. each and every member has left the band mostly all they did was do a solo album and then come back and do a regular bone album so why even announce it. hell, they quit the band and rejoin sometimes within the same week. nobody knows who is even in the band because they come and go so much. bizzy left bone during e99 eternal he said in one of his interviews yet everyone thought he was still in bone for like 10 years after that but he only came in and recorded his verses and left. its not like they had a huge argument and lay is leaving forever. hes going to do his solo album like he always does and then be right back again. when krayzie left i watched each video from him layzie flesh and bizzy and each video said something different lol. look i like bone as much as everyone else i still buy there actual store cd’s but they need to get there shit together and stop arguing. i mean really, layzie bone has put out like over 10 other project cd’s like bone brothers and mo thugs etc. at those periods he was recording those albums and not the bone albums so he could of said then “i quit the band” because its the same damn thing.

  • QueenNub BizManager Williams

    People need a change sometimes. Could he have done it a better way YES. Would it have changed the out come NO. So why candy code it then. Sometimes you got to move on, no matter the consequences or hurt you cause. At the end of the day you gotta live life for yourself, with no regrets. If it doesn’t work fine, but at least he tried to live a life that made him happy. Why not support him Murray Murrayson, because you can’t get what you want as a fan anymore. It’s always time to reminisce just keep reminiscing cause that’s all you have at this point. Sad to see Layzie Bone leave the group, but I honestly understand the need to grow.