Last week, Juicy J made headlines with the announcement that he was planning a $50,000 scholarship for aspiring women looking to showcase their twerking skills. Although, the rumored "twerking scholarship" proved to be slightly untrue, plans were still set in motion for a scholarship to be given out under Juicy's name.

Speaking with XXL yesterday, Juicy J cleared up some misconceptions about the scholarship and the reasons that he wanted to donate money to aspring co-eds.

“You don’t have to be able to twerk to win this $50,000 dollar scholarship." Juicy told us about the scholarship. "Just submit a video telling me “Why do you deserve this $50,000 dollar scholarship?” It’s not all about dancing and twerking. It’s about your personality. So I want people to know that if  you want to twerk that’s on you but you don’t have to do that to win that scholarship. You can just send me a video of showing me how smart you are or what your goals in life are for me to give you this money. It’s for people who use their brains, too."

Regarding his newfound charitable disposition, Juicy J spoke on his reasons for wanting to give out a scholarship and what he hopes to accomplish with his donation of the money.

"I think it’s great giving back to the community. I’ve never did anything like this. I think it’s great that it’s a scholarship. I’m not just giving away $50,000 dollars. I’m putting somebody though school. I think it’s a good idea. It’s good for the community. Good for the chicks. Good for the school."

Juicy also says that there will be a video for the song that inspired his donation, "Scholarship", alluding to the possibility that there will be a video for his now song with A$AP Rocky in the future.

"We are in the process of putting it together." Juicy said in regards to the possibility of "Scholarship" video. "We haven't did it yet but we are in the process [of doing it.] We are going through some treatments with some different directors."

While plans for the video are in the works, Juicy reiterated a key aspect of the qualifications for his new scholarship. Women will be the only people that are eligible to qualify.

"Girls only, though.”

Juicy J's Stay Trippy is in stores now and can be found on iTunes here.