Jim Jones Tells The Tale Of His Near-Death Experience At Hands Of Farrakahn

This past Friday, Jim Jones was a guest at Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal Hip-Hop Improv at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater in New York City. It was there where he spoke about an incident involving Minister Louis Farrakhan a few years back where Jones ended up on the wrong side of the Nation Of Islam leader’s graces. After dissing Minister Farrakhan as an upcoming MC on a song, Jones was brought to an audience in front of the minister where he was admonished for his brazenness and threatened by Farrakhan’s goons to never insult the man, again. After Jones bucked at the suggestion, Jones found himself being chased on the streets by his goon before escaping to live and tell the tale. The story might seem serious but it was all in good nature as Jones seemed good-natured about playing the goat to the howls of the appreciative crowd. You can watch the video above.

Jones’ appearance at the show is part of a series of improv show hosted by Hot 97′s Cipha Sounds every Friday night at the UCB Theater in New York. You can find tickets here.

[Via AllHipHop]

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  • Pat Francis

    Yet they claim they claim its A religion of peace…fools

    • jr

      he never said Minister Farrakhan did anything to him ….

    • jr

      Minister Farrakhan is a man of peace … maybe a FBI agent posing as a FOI was trying to start something between jim jones in the nation of islam

  • fireinside

    Now where did yall pick up that that man was a man of peace? Hmmm. When you get people to follow you that is what you are doing. It is a position of power. And when Malcolm started saying and doing different. When Malcolm went on that trip and saw the truth for himself he changed. And he was going to teach the people different. Whelp, he’s dead now. Get the point.