On last week's episode of Marrying The Game, Game's girl Tiffney made the shocking decision to give her engagement ring back to the Game after the two failed, yet again, to come to an agreement on the root of their relationship woes. Fittingly, on this week’s episode, Tiff decides to get away from Los Angeles for a bit and take Cali and Justice to her family reunion in Houston, Texas. While there, she toils with the idea of relocating if things don't work out with Game (whose real name Jayceon Taylor). “I think every woman needs to have a plan and my Plan A would be to work things out with Jay, but it’s very important to have a Plan B,” Tiff says. “I think Houston is a good option for Plan B.”

Meanwhile in L.A., Game pays a visit to the barbershop and chops it up with his crew, including his manager Taydoe and assistant Lolo, to fill them in on his latest fight with Tiff. Despite getting the engagement ring back, he hasn’t lost hope that they can mend their relationship and even suggests that the two start over with a clean slate. “All that other stuff is out the window,” he says. But, of course, being the comedian that he is, Game brings a little humor to the ring drama. “It feels kind of nice having it in my possession though. It’s worth half a million. I thought about rocking it to the club tonight on my pinky,” he joked.

Back in Texas, Tiff and the kids spend time with their Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Janice, Tiff’s sister Maya and cousins Lawrence Jr. and Tiambe. Almost immediately, Aunt Janice asks where Jayceon is. “He knows I need a minute to regroup,” Tiff replies. Tiff ventures off to have girl talk with her cousin Tiambe about none other than her ongoing strife with Game. “How you gonna buy somebody a 10 karat ring and then have a 2 karat commitment? It just doesn’t work,” Tiff says. Tiambe tells Tiff that she’s so fixated on how she wants Jayceon to love her that she doesn’t recognize the fact that he’s loving her the best way he knows how. “Jayceon’s definition of love is being a provider. The emotional part is not there,” Tiff says.

Later on, Tiff decides to take a ride with Tiambe and her sister around the neighborhood to check out some of the homes, which tempts her into considering the big move. “Moving to Texas is something I would have never considered if things weren’t so hot and cold between the two of us,” she says. When pressed about whether or not she was bothered that Jayceon did not come with her and the kids to the family reunion, Tiff says she’s used to not having him around, and that she’s happy she’s able to be with her family and get some clarity.

In California, Game hits the studio with Taydoe and company. While there, Game admits to missing Cali and Justice. “I hate when my kids leave the state. It gets lonely. There’s not one moment that they’re not on my mind. I miss them,” he says. Later on, Game performs at a show in front of 50,000 people, which becomes therapeutic for him. “Being on stage is always the best way for me to clear my head. When I’m up there I’m not thinking about nothing except my fans and my music,” he says. “After my kids and my family, my fans are the most important thing in my life. I love performing, this is what I do.”

Back the reunion, Tiff chats with Aunt Janice about whether or not she should still marry Game. Aunt Janice, who’s been married to Tiff’s uncle for 25 years, says that her husband was just like Game when he was younger: partying and even chasing other women. "They may play around with those little girls that will let them have their way but when it’s time to get married they want that strong woman who’s going to make them respect them, and thats the type of woman you need to be,” she advises Tiff. Janice admits that she, too, was scared to make that commitment, but that she’s glad she decided to get married, and encourages Tiff to stick it out and be patient. “You haven’t given it a chance,” she says. “Maybe I shouldn't have called the wedding off,” Tiff admits. “Maybe we did need that level of commitment to push our relationship to the next level." Finally, she says, "Maybe I need to let go and take a leap of faith.”

When her trip to Houston comes to an end, Tiff realizes she has some major decisions to make when she returns to LA. “Being here in Texas really did show me that there could be a Plan B, but I haven’t exhausted my Plan A yet,” she says. “There’s still hope for Jay and I to be a family. However, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to get back to where we used to be and I’m ready to do the work... I just hope he is too.” Stay tuned to see if Tiff and Game will let bygones and bygones and finally tie that knot.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)