Drake shocked the world last night when he brought out Kanye West for a guest set during the fourth annual OVO Fest in Toronto. The two have a bit of a history, with Kanye being one of Drake's first cosigners (he even directed his video for "Best I Ever Had") and Drake admitting that his vocal style was heavily influenced by Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak. Though Drake and 'Ye haven't really done much together in recent years, Kanye jumped onstage and praised Drake for his meteoric rise, admitting, "Me and Hov would've never made Watch The Throne if this nigga wasn't putting pressure on us like that."

In a conversation with REVOLT after the show, Drizzy said, “His words, that was like a moment I clicked out. I [wasn’t] sure if I was still [dreaming]." He continued, “This is probably the most important moment of my life to date. Because at the end of the day, I do look up to ’Ye and he’s been a major influence, if not the biggest influence in my career so to hear him say that and just to feel like, 'Okay who knows where this could go.'" Finally, he looked ahead hopefully, saying, "Maybe we'll do music now, like we were supposed to, or maybe we just start talking more."

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