15 Lyrics About Rappers Reuniting

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  • the-weeknd-drake
    Earlier this week, The Weeknd and Drake shocked the world by posing for a photo together after a pseudo-split that the world imposed on the superstars. Either way, they're back, and in honor of their likely reunion at this year's OVO Fest (August 5th), <i>XXL</i> pulled together 15 lyrics about rappers reuniting. Click through to check them out.
  • drake_hookah
  • Snoop Dogg
    <h2>"Yeah nigga, I'm still fuckin' with ya / Still waters run deep / Still Snoop Dogg and D.R.E. / '99, nigga, guess who's back?" - Snoop Dogg on "Still DRE"</h2>
  • Eminem
    <h2>"I ain't given' up faith and you ain't givin' up on me / Get up Dre, I'm dyin', I need you, come back for fuck's sake." - Eminem on "I Need A Doctor"</h2>
  • lil_wayne_20
  • Ma$e
  • Eminem-Royce
    <h2>"Why they tryna be so secretive, Bad and Evil is reunited, hey! / Came back to annihilate, the game's in dire straits." - Eminem on "Above The Law"</h2>
  • jay_lyric_19
    <h2>"Whoa! This ain't B.R., no / This S.C., CEO, the next Lyor? No / The next leader of the whole free world / And the next thing I'mma do is free Sigel, go." - Jay-Z on "Ignorant Shit"</h2>
  • Method_Man
  • ghost_7
    <h2>"Our souls is magnetic, we the meaning of destiny, be that banker of trust that looks to invest in me / Together, to get her, means for me to get you / We back, reunite like the Wu."- Ghostface on "Our Dreams"</h2>
  • pusha_t_1
  • jay_z_10
    <h2>"Gimme a couple years, shit, I might just sneak in / A couple words, and like Peaches & Herb / We'll be reunited and it feels so hood / Have the whole world saying 'How you still so good?'" - Jay-Z on "Dear Summer"</h2>
  • DoOrDie
    <h2>"To the industry and some pay back / '96, Po Pimp, we go way back." - Belo (from Do Or Die) on "Holla At Your Boy"</h2>
  • nicki-minaj
    <h2>"I used to think that we'd reunite / I'd be your wife in the real life." - Nicki Minaj on "Young Forever"</h2>
  • Lil Wayne Seizure
    <h2>"Tell me not to go uptown, and we went straight to the Nolia / While I watched you reunite with your souljas / And your mom and brothers, while I lied to the Stunna / Yeah, those were the times, my brother." - Lil Wayne on "I Miss My Dawgs"</h2>
  • TheUnderachievers

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