Earlier this week, The Weeknd and Drake shocked the world by posing for a photo together after a pseudo-split that the world imposed on the superstars. Either way, they're back, and in honor of their likely reunion at this year's OVO Fest (August 5th), XXL pulled together 15 lyrics about rappers reuniting. Click through to check them out.


"Yeah nigga, I'm still fuckin' with ya / Still waters run deep / Still Snoop Dogg and D.R.E. / '99, nigga, guess who's back?" - Snoop Dogg on "Still DRE"

Snoop Dogg

"I ain't given' up faith and you ain't givin' up on me / Get up Dre, I'm dyin', I need you, come back for fuck's sake." - Eminem on "I Need A Doctor"




"Why they tryna be so secretive, Bad and Evil is reunited, hey! / Came back to annihilate, the game's in dire straits." - Eminem on "Above The Law"


"Whoa! This ain't B.R., no / This S.C., CEO, the next Lyor? No / The next leader of the whole free world / And the next thing I'mma do is free Sigel, go." - Jay-Z on "Ignorant Shit"



"Our souls is magnetic, we the meaning of destiny, be that banker of trust that looks to invest in me / Together, to get her, means for me to get you / We back, reunite like the Wu."- Ghostface on "Our Dreams"



"Gimme a couple years, shit, I might just sneak in / A couple words, and like Peaches & Herb / We'll be reunited and it feels so hood / Have the whole world saying 'How you still so good?'" - Jay-Z on "Dear Summer"


"To the industry and some pay back / '96, Po Pimp, we go way back." - Belo (from Do Or Die) on "Holla At Your Boy"


"I used to think that we'd reunite / I'd be your wife in the real life." - Nicki Minaj on "Young Forever"


"Tell me not to go uptown, and we went straight to the Nolia / While I watched you reunite with your souljas / And your mom and brothers, while I lied to the Stunna / Yeah, those were the times, my brother." - Lil Wayne on "I Miss My Dawgs"

Lil Wayne Seizure