Yo Gotti Previews ‘I Am’ At NYC Listening Session [XXL's Sneak Peek]


Subject Matter:

Gotti spoke, at length, about his desires for creative expansion on the new project.  Gotti is looking to show growth on I Am as he wants to explore painful and more difficult subject matter. He spoke on looking to grow beyond the club and tackle issues like poverty, relationships and the struggle of a black man in America. On “Ghettos Of America,” Gotti takes on the stress of living life in the hood and systematic injustice. While On “Pride To The Side,” we find him venting about his personal issues and the need to be become a bigger man. There are still your standard songs about flashy cars, stunting hard and dealing drugs, but it’s nice to hear that Gotti is looking to grow beyond his humble mixtape beginnings.

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  • Nadine Parker

    very detailed, i enjoyed reading this article in reference too yo gotti upcoming work as well as other known inquiries….. shout xxl for press releasing a write off of this hood star #turnup

  • Nadine Parker

    ” is there something bigger” <<<<<<< im follow gotti all the way too the music cnt go any further… its story is meanful and can fare up too be amused by the generalized of ones thoughts from his music……