If the passing whims of a Disney star can be seen as a portent of American culture as a whole, twerking is back on the national scene in a major way. With Miley Cyrus shaking her booty on stage with Juicy J and flocks of young women jiggling their assets on YouTube and Vine, twerking is more popular than ever, capturing the imagination of our more prurient interests and scaring confused parents in the process.

Thirteen years ago, Ying Yang Twins dropped their debut single, “Whistle While You Twurk,” the first entry in a career that would feature multiplatinum plaques, top five singles and five million records sold. Though largely absent since the release of their last album, 2009's Ying Yang Forever, Ying Yang Twins have been keeping busy, steadily touring the world and bringing the noise to a new generation of crunk fans raised on their brand of raucous party music.

But now Ying Yang is back. Earlier this month, the duo dropped their latest mixtape, Ass In Session, filled with their signature style of dance floor-assaulting party anthems. Recently, the duo dropped by the XXL offices to chop it with us about the tape, their thoughts on Miley Cyrus and their opinion on famous rappers using their catchphrases. Hanh! —B.J. Steiner (@DocZeus)