The 30 Most Essential Tech N9ne Songs


Next Tuesday, the Midwest King of the Independent Grind, Tech N9ne,  plans to release his new album, Something Else, the 13th studio album of his storied career.  Despite his prolificacy and the sheer volume of his output, mainstream recognition of his impact has been limited. However, fans of hardcore, underground hip-hop know the deal, and Tech has sold over a million records  independently. We at XXL felt the rest of you needed to get familiar with the man. With that in mind, XXL Presents… The 30 Most Essential Tech N9ne Songs.

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  • Matt ^S^

    I’m a Playa is from Absolute Power not everready

    • you stupid

      It said from absolute power

  • ^S^ ¡Anthony! ^S^

    And dysfunctional features Big Scoob.. Not Big Scoop.. lol

  • Guest

    And Dysfunctional features Big Scoob.. Not Big Scoop.. LOL

  • Noel Burdick

    what about this ring??? Mitch Bade Cmon mannnnn

  • randysanderleg

    “No Can Do” off of Everready, missed that one… but his whole catalogue is a highlight reel, so no harm done I guess.

  • Dillon

    Seriously? Not one song off of K.O.D.? That’s debatably his best album

  • KCsGreat

    How do you leave off the song QUESTIONS from the Gang Related sound track. That’s is one of his dopest tracks everrrrrrrr. Not to mention you left off Planet Rock 2k, Its Alive, Mitch Bade (The song that made him big in KC), and I am sure there are a few more I could think of. Most of his songs are tight, but this list was half assed and definitely written by someone who doesn’t know much of Techs catalog although they tried to bounce around a lot of albums to look like they did.

  • ProjectPip

    All Tech is the best Tech

  • The SaberWolf

    Einstein tech n9ne? no KOD? Klusterfuk? dam i think ya’ll miss a few.

  • ^S^tranger here!

    only top 30!? you have to have 50 best at minimum although all tech’s songs are his best.

  • Arkitekt702

    10 more gems:

    Cloudy-Eyed Stroll
    Strange Music Box
    Suicide Letters
    Trapped In A Psycho’s Body
    Worst Enemy

  • SS87

    Industry Is Punks should’ve been the 1st one listed

  • iamyourgodbeotch

    the list started off good but then immediately started going down hill.. listing some of techs worst songs as essential ?? KC TEA ? no one sane likes that song.. a few others..

  • dylpykle785

    most of these are moreso staples of his culture n slang rather than his best songs. I would of left out EVERY everready song (except for welcome to the midwest) n replaced with more earlier cuts like SIMON says, mitch bade, it’s alive, industry is punks. It’s watev tho, that’s what happens when u let somone who aint from around here write an article like this on Tech.

  • Andrew Nathan McLaughlin

    now its on

  • TriStateTerror

    they left out Killer and KOD completely and those are arguably his two best albums .

  • bryan wilmot

    I’m disappointed that not one track from K.O.D. make the cut, that’s one of his greatest works, second to everready, if that.

  • empirebusiness

    you cannot leave out EINSTEIN

  • Technician

    You can’t put a number on greatness. So if you want to listen to Tech N9ne, buy every album and just choose for yourself.

  • Anthony Kochie

    Who made this list? They need 2 be fired in the quicks. Any Tech fan can tell you these aren’t his best tracks. Where’s Einstein?!? In the Trunk?!? Blackened the Sun?!? Blur?!?!? Bout Ta Bubble?!?!? Devil Boy?!?!? Fan or Foe!?!? Gangsta Shap?!? God Complex?!? It’s Alive?!? Klusterfuk?!? Let’s Go?!? Losin my Mind?!? Paint A Dark Picture?!? Pinocchiho!?!? Promiseland?!? Sex Out South?!? Sex to the Beat?!? Should I killer?!? T9X!?!? That Box?!? The Waitress?!? Why You Ain’t Call Me?!? You Don’t want it?!? Fire in AC?!? Harvey Dent?!? Hunterish?!? LOUD!?!?!?! Pu Wah Wah?!? Retrogression?!? Sorry N’ Shit?!?! The Noose?!? Unfair?!?! Who Do I Catch?!?!?
    Mitch Bade!?!?
    See I made a 35 track list that you don’t even mention. Consider editing XXL

  • anon

    Nothing off KOD? Bullshit.

  • Warren Peace

    B.o.b’s verse is so not the best verse on Am I A Psycho. .

  • strange719


  • Gonzalez

    Nice to see, AT LEAST need to put Einstein, Be Warned, T9X (My party anthem), and Retrogression… Then Straight out the gate, Fragile… ETC…

  • RECK

    Much respect to XXL for compiling this list. They should have made this list at least 50 songs. They left off ALOT of Tech N9ne’s best songs.

  • Ryan

    KOD isn’t his best album. That’s what made ya’ll catch on to him. Absolute Power, Anghellic and Everready, (no particular order,) are his best albums- arguably of course.