Late last night, Southern rap's standing king Gucci Mane announced that he would be dropping three new mixtapes on August 13. The release of the tapes, all part of the World War 3 series, will mark the second time Gucci's put out three new tapes in a day—on October 17, 2009, Gucci put out his Cold War trilogy with help from DJ Holiday and DJ Drama. Now, since there's going to be a lot of music to digest on August 13, we decided to give you a brief preview of what to expect from the World War 3 series.

On World War 3: Molly, Gucci Mane will gracefully rhyme over Metro Boomin's smooth sounds as he employs an Outkast-esque storytelling approach to tell the tale of a young girl named Molly, a naive Psychology student at Spellman College, who came to Atlanta with dreams of becoming a child psychologist. But, after being exposed to the many Atlanta strip clubs and the money to be made there, Molly gets into the scene and eventually becomes a well-known stripper. While this may seem like a sad tale, Gucci celebrates Molly throughout the tape for her financial independence and astute business mind.

On World War 3: Lean, Gucci will take a deep and intricate look at the color of leana popular drug that includes codeine, promethazine and a mixer (Sprite, soda, etc.)and its defining factors on the Mood Ring Colors Chart. Lean's color is typically closest to a violet-blue or ultramarine, and on the Colors Chart this translates to a person's mood being intuitive, very happy, deeply realized, tranquil and passionate. If we know Gucci, we know that he's all of these things, so throughout this tape, he'll detail his newfound happiness, his clairvoyance and high self-esteem with ease, all over the backdrops of Zaytoven's beats.

On World War 3: Gas, Gucci will use his platform as a socially-conscious recording artist to discuss the ever-rising oil prices in the Middle East; America's one-time dependency on the area's oil suppliers; alternative fuels being championed by countries like Brazil; and Colombia's controversial black market gasoline trade. Gucci will also touch upon rising gas prices playing a role in consumer inflation in the United States marketplace, which is an ongoing concern.

Also, he'll probably talk a lot about drugs. And our honest guess is Gucci did the drug in the title during the recording process for all of these albums, so get ready for some fun collections of songs marked by high energy, sleepiness and general I Don't Give A Fuck-ery.