Meet ¡Mayday!, Tech N9ne’s Strange Music Label Mates


Getting Started:

Bernz: ”I started the band with my homie Plex, who is one of the main producers in the band alongside Gianni Cash. We started the band six, seven years ago. Even longer than that. It started out as a two-man hip-hop project; he was on the beats, and I was on the rhymes. We always kind of worked together in that sense. We came up from the age of SP-1200 and MPCs and shit up until now. Along the way, when we ended up getting signed, that’s when we wanted to take the whole musical [aspect] of what we were doing to another level. We kind of decided to pick up instruments and start to really give it a go in the live direction as well. The founding thought of ¡Mayday! is that it’s always been a boom-bap kind of outfit. We just kind of wanted to make our own samples. That’s where the original melding of the whole shit came about—we really wanted to be in control with the shit that we were producing.

“The whole thing is that we are all musicians in the scene. Wrekonize, he was somebody that once we got signed to our first deal, he was a labelmate of ours, as well as a local MC that was kind of on the path upward. We just let destiny link us together, and we ended up working a lot within the label together. Once that kind of situation ended for us, and Wrek was kind of in a limbo in terms of his solo career, we took the opportunity to make it official. We were already recording a shitload of tracks together anyways. We were just like, ‘Man, why don’t you join the group?’ From there, we wanted to keep on gigging a lot. Our whole thing too is that ¡Mayday! is really an amazing live experience, which is really why we picked up a lot of the other members as well. We kind of needed to feed that beast of performance. We felt that it was just a cooler show when you have humans doing shit.”

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