Jhené Aiko Talks Big Sean, J. Cole Features And Her Five Dream Collaborations



“Eminem—I actually fell I love with the art of rap because of the Marshall Mathers album. And he had the lyrics in the booklet, and I remember reading along to all of the songs. I had a disc player or something like that, and I just remember laying down on the couch and just reading—I went from beginning to end and I was just like, ‘Oh my God, he’s a genius.’ How do you put words together like this? And I mean, it’s funny, and it’s deep, and, you know, not a lot of people can write down their lyrics and it looks like art, you know what I mean? Like, poetry. And I always wanted to work with him because of the fact that I just respect that and I would just want to learn something from him.

“Some people like music because—some people, they live a certain lifestyle so that they can write about it, and then some people write it because that is really what they’re going through. And I feel like I’m one of those people—and Cudi, and Eminem are those type of people—that it’s just them expressing what’s really, you know, what ‘s really goin’ on.”

  • Timeless

    She didn’t even mention J. Cole

    • jasper


    • Poetik Hustle

      Seems like a wishlist of people she wants to work with but hasn’t yet. She already collaborated with Cole.

  • Hannya

    I like Jhene’s music. Her voice isn’t Mariah Carey level but its a calm, soothing tone. Looking forward to her album.