Inaccurate Lyrics From Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

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    <h2>"Whoa! This ain't B.R., no / This S.C., CEO, the next Lyor? No / The next leader of the whole free world / And the next thing I'mma do is free Sigel, go." - Jay-Z on "Ignorant Shit"</h2>
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    <h2>"What you know about going out, head West / Maybach, 3 TV's all up in the head rest." - "BBC"</h2>
    The Maybach 62s, the brand's most luxury model, is actually designed in such a way that it is only possible for there to be one TV in each headrest. So, having "3 TV's all up in the head rest" is simply exaggeration.
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    <h2>"Bright lights is enticing / But look what it did to Tyson." - "Holy Grail"</h2>
    Tyson's fall from grace had less to do with the "bright lights" and more to do with his unlikely loss to Buster Douglas in February of 1990, as well as an affair with the 18-year-old Desiree Washington. At the height of his career, Tyson was sentenced by an Indiana judge to serve six years in prison for raping Washington.
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    <h2>"Boy from the hood but got White House clearance." - "Open Letter"</h2>
    After appearing in candid photos with Beyonce in Cuba, Jay released "Open Letter," claiming that his pal Obama gave him clearance to go to Cuba. Obama went on to deny this, and admitted at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner, "I have 99 problems and now Jay-Z is one of them."

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  • Jay

    This should never have been written. Like listening to the annoying know it all who isn’t even right

  • dee

    that li e was not referring to him being over now its to being over soon because of the few names he landed in his new venture of being a sports agent they both was fighting over the same client and jay got him

  • MrWayKay

    I don’t think the person that wrote this is qualified to decipher lyrics. Leave that to Rap Genius. This article is soooo inaccurate it’s not even funny, it’s just sad.

  • What the?

    #Fail this read was horrible !!! Please insert 2 quarters and try AGAIN!

  • oneyoungbleez

    Tysons Fall was due to him losing his mentor Cuss D’Amato

  • oneyoungbleez

    Colin Powell is a Republican that Voted for and has continuously approved of him. Republican. You dont have to be in the same party as a political figure you support though it is common.

  • XXL on some bullshit

    Fuck you XXL. You pick at Jay Z’s lyrics, but don’t ever say shit about every fake ass rapper in the game?


    This article was awful. Give no shit for Kanye’s awful album and instead pick on HOV? Get your priorities straight XXL, instead of kissing up to Kanye.

  • AO

    Dumb and pointless article…

  • dan

    A-rod fired Boras like 5 years ago

  • N.E.M.

    This is stupid

  • lynnminc

    This wasted 5 minutes of my life….

  • Tanya Liz Marte

    This writer has absolutely no credibility when it comes to rap lyrics. Jay-Z wordplay is in fact very clever.. so clever that it went over your head. You were incapable of grasping the context… which is why you should abstain from your comments. You tried to sound intelligent, and actually came across as very ignorant. Jay-Z nailed it on this album, over and over.

  • titan

    where did jay z say three tvs in one head rest in his lyrics? whoever included that in this article is an asshole.

  • Smels

    Dumb and awful.

  • Honesty

    this is the most cracker ass cracker thing i’ve ever read. XXL is garbage. I hope this is a sarcastic post. Wreaks of fail…

  • CO

    the Staff Meeting that lead to this article had to go something like this

    “OMG Guys! Jay got it all wrong!! Hammer and Tyson didnt loose all their money because they got ELECTROCUTED by bright lighting. They lost their money because of bad spending habits!!”

    “We better write an article to warn the the world about all these lies”

  • Cunt Licker

    This article was ABSOLUTELY wrong about the Hammer reference therefore I will not even read any further