Iamsu! On The Invasion, Working With 2 Chainz And Wiz Khalifa And Performing At Rock The Bells

On His Involvement with "Up!":

On Rock The Bells And Learning In The Game

“[Rock The Bells] hasn’t really settled all the way in, but I’m juiced! Yeah! Ah, man. It’s just like…it’s hella humbling. I just appreciate them for reaching out. It’s crazy. I don’t really get nervous no more before shows. I be excited. My first show [I was nervous]. It was at this little veteran’s owned, small place, and I had to get on top of this little speaker to perform. I couldn’t sleep the night before, I couldn’t eat, I was just turning! I was just praying to God, ‘If I could go to sleep just for a second until it happens,’ and I was just shittin’ bricks. I was so nervous. So nervous. But after I did it, and after I seen people liked my music and they liked my energy, then after that I was like, ‘People are coming to see me.’ Like, it’s my show so, we gonna go out there and have fun. My mom always told me, ‘Just pray, try to relax, and drink some water, and just…it’ll be okay.’

“Everybody just says keep working, and never get too confident because this is fleeting, you know what I mean? And as soon as you see somebody come up, that’s as soon they can go away. So you gotta work to build that repertoire and that level of respect so that you can have some staying power. So that’s what I wanna do. That’s what I plan to do.

“I wanna be the best out of everybody…at everything. I wanna be the best, that’s what I strive to be. I’m just a competitive person. I feel like when the climate gets more competitive then that makes for better music. So…I just [want to] take more risks lyrically. Just digging deeper as far as feelings and songs and just trying to evoke those emotions, you know what I mean, just making people—and just showcasing that and just showcasing what I can do. Just good music. Different tours, different records, producing.”

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