Flo Rida Featuring Pitbull “Can’t Believe It” (Video)

As the poet-prophet, Sir Mix-A-Lot once opined “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon.” The glories of the gluteus maximus are on full display in Flo Rida’s new video, “Can’t Believe It.” Flo Rida is flanked by Pitbull, a flock of beautiful women and the Ass-Faced People from South Park in this video that plays like a homage to the ’90′s butt-appreciating classic, “Baby Got Back.”

Seriously, there are a lot of women’s butts in this video.

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  • Okay

    It was inevitable that these two POP fags were going to make a song together. The real question is, why did XXL write an article about it? These two douchebags aren’t hiphop, they found out they sucked at rapping, so they found out they could get easy money if they switched to pop/techno. Get your shit together XXL.

  • I cant believe it !!!

    This is great .. what’s up with the hater ? Pitbul .. yes Flo Rida .. Yes … Ass .. Yes