Fat Trel Talks D.C., The Slutty Boyz And Working With MMG

On Fat Trel, 2012:

On The DMV Hip-Hop Scene:
“I definitely believe we’re the frontrunners of D.C., Maryland and Virginia, I wouldn’t even doubt it. That’s not just me being cocky at all. If you check the stats, you check the records and you ask ‘em who’s poppin,’ they’re gonna say Fat Trel and the Slutty Boyz. I definitely feel like we’re the frontier of the DMV. Of course Wale, Wale gonna forever be the first official artist to make it out of the DMV, that ain’t going to change. Wale a special kind a person, he a different kind of person. You can’t put him in a the category with a lot of niggas just by the standard of looking at him and listening to him. I feel like what the DMV represent and what they stand for and how they want to be looked at, I think we are a great definition of what the DMV is.

I don’t wanna sound like a nagger or I don’t wanna sound like I feel some type of way but I definitely feel like [hip-hop slights the DMV]. For what reason, I have no clue. I’m not even asking. I’m just going to go hard; I’m forcing myself into the industry. I’ma go so hard motherfuckers won’t even have no choice. I always had that mind state when I first started. But I definitely feel like we get overlooked a lot. To be honest, it ain’t just music—sports we get overlooked, young niggas be playing ball on the gridiron be getting overlooked. Singers, dancers, actors, we get overlooked a lot.”

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  • NonMS

    Another terrible fucking rapper on MMG. Slutty Boyz, are you fucking kidding me? Is this dude a fucking fag twat? SMH. Tech N9ne would murder this faggot and all of MMG.

  • @subfromraw202

    Stop hating bro… fat trel is a good rapper @ his lowest what ever that maybe all his mixtapes crank and he’s a work-a-holic when it comes to music that’s a artist that I can say is well rounded. delivery, production, the dude is nice and deserves to be somewhere in the mainstream right now. the dude got it plain and simple and the slutty boys don’t get their name fucked up either them niggaz some real niggaz from streets Im talking gun charge after gun charge cuz you had to keep 1 just 2 stay alive where we from you heard that term I rather get with it than with out it that’s how it is in D.C. shout out to fat trel and the slutty boys do yall thang represent the city yall @subfromraw202 R.A.W. Cartel I’m out and for you people hating on the next rapper go find another rapper to go listen too although people have they own opinion stop hating and get your own shit going

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  • drew

    legendary cloud 9 is the best representative for the dmv