The Weigh In: 10 Rappers Give Their Heat-Pacers Game Seven Prediction

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  • Heat Pacers Intro
    The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers will face off tonight in a Game Seven of epic proportions to determine which team will come out of the Eastern Conference Finals. Can Lebron lead his Heat to a third straight NBA Finals? Will the Pacers carry the momentum from Game Six and actually pull this upset off?! We’ll be tuning in for tip-off at 8:30 PM ET to find out for ourselves, but in anticipation of tonight’s loser-goes-home showdown, we called, texted and DM-ed some of our hip-hop brethren to get their picks. Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments section below.
  • gunplay_10_2
    “Who you think? Lol HEAT REPEAT!!!”
  • 130213_xxl_freshmen_trinidad_james_0029
    Trinidad Jame$
    “Heat. But Pacers playing like they deserve it. Paul George is a man now.”
  • trae_gold
    Trae Tha Truth
    “Heat…I want to see San Antonio and Heat…'Cause San Antonio spares no one, so the series is gone be a battle.”
  • j_scream
    DJ Scream
    “Pacers! Triumphant upset!"
  • drama415
    DJ Drama
    “Bron bron. King James. Akron’s finest. #twopeat #bronsthemesong #4What.”
  • Casey Veggies 1
    Casey Veggies
    “I think the Heat is gonna win.”
  • problem_40
    “The LAKERS!! Lol..naw I want the Pacers to win just because that’ll be cool as shit but 'The powers that be' ain’t letting that shit go down."
  • RiffRaff620 x 400
    Riff Raff
    “LEBRON has to win. It’s his destiny. When he called me last night as I was boarding my private Versace plane I told him, 'TURN DOWN FOR WHO?!'"
  • obie-trice
    Obie Trice
    “Heat. They will be home.”
  • Killer_Mike-Exclusive
    Killer Mike
    “Same uncle that called Louisville to win NCAA [championship] is telling me Pacers. He say momentum has turned against the Heat and D Wade is a big factor. So his knee being no good cripples the Heat.”

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  • Garret Bobi Ferguson

    Pacers, our D has been too good against wade, bosh, & everybody else

  • boyallen

    Its all over for the heats. Pacer will win by 10 points. Labron can’t do it by himself.

  • AK

    i agree with problem

  • dude l

    The heat will win big, D wade and bosh will step there game up. The big three will play like they did early in the season. Go Heat

  • Sean Bickel

    is it bad the only rapper i recognize in this whole article is Obie Trice?

  • shane

    For me it’s 50/50. When it comes to close fight like this,it depends upon the officials or referee.

  • JH

    And why would I want the opinion of a wannabe thug? Must be a slow news day if we’re asking questions about sports to ???musicians??? (I use that term very liberally in this case) Why not ask them when the Republicans are going to pull their heads out of their collective asses.

  • jankyjames

    fuck the heat if the bulls were healthy they would be gone