The Lonely Island Is Wacker Than Ever


On collaborating with rappers: 

Andy Samberg: When we work with a rapper, we give them talking points of what we think would be funny, then let them write it. It’s so much more specific to do a verse of rapping than it is to sing a hook. But generally when we have a singing part, there’s a version of me doing a temp singing part.

Jorma Taccone: Any time there’s a singer, there’s a version of Andy doing temp singing.

Samberg: Yeah, it’s humiliating. [Laughs] But like, on the song we did with Pharrell, we wrote all of the choruses and then there was like a bridge, rap section, and we gave him talking points. But he wrote it all himself. Or for Kendrick Lamar, who’s on “YOLO,” he came into the studio and we were just like, “Something like this.” Then he sat there and wrote a verse really quick on his iPhone and then went and dropped it. We didn’t know what he was going to do until he was recording, so there’s always this moment of, “I hope it’s funny!” But we’ve been really lucky that the people who have wanted to work with us have a good sense of humor.

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