Rick Ross, DJ Khaled And More Share First Reactions On Ace Hood’s ‘Trials & Tribulations’


DJ Bobby Trends

“Oh man, Trials & Tribulations is his fourth album. I mean you in here, you heard it. You hear the progression from album one to album four. I mean, he was here telling a story, he explained everything and how he felt. It’s basically his story, his trials and tribulations, man. You know, you definitely see the progression in his flow.

“He’s a Florida artist and he didn’t really particularly go for that, everything wasn’t that South bounce, you know what I’m saying? He made some hip-hop records. I heard most of the album a couple of times, like on and off, but today I got to hear the whole thing and I’m just pleasantly surprised. Not surprised as I felt like it was gonna be anything other than what it is, but it was better than better. [Laughs]

“So you know, that ‘Bible’ joint at the end, it touched me. I want to let him vibe and do his thing here but as soon as it was done I had to put my hand on his shoulder and just tell him how I felt. I’m proud of him. You know, I been in this game for a little second, from the bottom to where I’m at now. I’ve seen all of this already. And what I’m seeing now is just excellence.”