Q-Tip swung by the Red Bull Music Academy this week as part of their Lecture series, and during his two-hour-long conversation with "Chairman" Jeff Mao he spoke about the production of "Mama's Boyfriend," an unreleased track from the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions.

"I know you guys like Kanye West, right?" he asked the audience, before expanding on his partnership with Yeezy. "With 'Ye, we do so many different versions of things... He did another version with Soulja Boy too, he did so many versions. And I remember he and I were working on it a couple times, and we had this one that we were going to probably do, but it didn't line up."

Q talked a bit about Kanye's attitude and work ethic in the studio, and how he wanted to flip Billy Joel's "Moving On Up," then played the unreleased version of the song for the students assembled. "He was like, 'I want a Mobb Deep vibe,' so that's the kind of vibe I gave him."

The clip begins around the 1 hour, 36 minute mark, and you can watch the full lecture below.