When it comes to unsung music industry OGs, Mike Dean has a place in the rap game that can’t be denied. The former Rap-A-Lot producer who has worked with industry vets like Scarface, 2 Pac, Jay-Z and Kanye West has been around the block and had plenty of experiences, like stealing 2 Pac songs from Suge Knight. Dean recently sat down for an interview with HuffPost Live where he recounted time spent with Pac and recalled swiping the late rapper’s unreleased songs from the intimidating CEO. “[2Pac, Scarface, and I] hung out. He played the Makaveli album for us, uncut, where he was talking about all the people he hated,” said Dean. “All the stuff they took out of the album. Lot’s of shots at Puffy, and B.I.G., Dre, saying their names, [and how he] was going to kill them.”

When Tupac died, Dean had access to dozens of the rapper’s songs and said he snatched a few of the most controversial tracks without Suge’s knowledge. “After [2Pac] died, Daz Dillinger and I stole a bunch of reels from Suge Knight,” Dean admitted. “We released like six songs that were really crazy talking.”

Dean also went on to give accounts of Suge passing out fades to employees, Tha Dogg Pound hiding from the former Death Row CEO at his digs and an incident where he had to draw a gun on a friend at work. Good times.

Check out the entire interview, below.