Nardwuar strikes again. While Logic was out at the Sound Club in Vancouver, The Human Serviette chops it up with the 2013 XXL Freshmen to reveal some interesting things about his background and how he got into hip-hop.

Just with every interview by Nardwuar, he surprises his subject with his wealth of knowledge. He kicks it off by showing Logic an old tweet from 2011, which showed Young Sinatra number one wish as a rising rapper: “I look forward to my interview with Nardwuar when I blow up. He doesn’t know it yet lol.” Here are a few highlights from the video:

He Used To Rap At Joe's Crab Shack:

"Back in the day, when we was broke and hustling, I used to work at this place called Joe’s Crab Shack in Gainsbourg, MD, where I am from. At that specific time, the manager let me and my homie Castro perform there. We didn’t get paid shit, but we got to do it and it was a great experience. That’s crazy."

Freestyle Fellowship Taught Him About Hip-Hop:

"When I first got into hip-hop, I had this DVD called the Freestyle: The Art Of The Rhyme. The Freestyle Fellowship was in it. Aceyalone. All these different people. Supernatural. Just so many raw underground hip-hop heads from the East Coast and the West Coast. Mos Def was in it, all this. That’s where I learned so much about hip-hop on top of MTV’s Sway and other people like that."

Datpiff Was Mad At Him:

"When I put out Undeniable, which is a mixtape before Welcome To Forever, I kind of jumped out of nowhere. I came out of nowhere with that. It got so many downloads and so many views and so much love, that people actually wrote hate mail to Datpiff. They were like, ‘He’s faking the views. He’s buying downloads.’ Which you can’t do. They can check it with the IP address. The president—the dude who owns Datpiff—hit up my manager, my best friend, and owner of Visionary Music Group, Christopher Herche. "Are you motherfuckers playing for views and shit? Are you really going to make me look and all this?" At the end of the day, they saw that it was legitimate and they were blown away. And because of that, they just showed nothing but love in the release of Welcome To Forever."

Watch the rest of it above.