Mike Dean Says Kanye West And Jay-Z Will Eventually Come Together For Another Album


After dropping Watch The Throne in August 2011, Jay-Z teased fans that another project could be on the horizon. During an interview with MTV News in December of that year, Hov said both he and Kanye would drop albums before they revisit The Throne. 2012 flew by and we never heard about the project again.

However, Mike Dean has reignited the discussion in his recent interview with HuffPost Live. “Yeah, eventually,” he said. “[They're] not working on it yet, it’s just talking about it. I actually talked to Jay about it last week.”

Dean has been busy at work helping to put the final touches on Kanye’s Yeezus, which the rapper held a private listening party in New York City. XXL followed up with Dean earlier today to see if Hov and ‘Ye have laid anything down for the album.

“I’m not really sure. They have been talking about it amongst themselves,” he said. “I’ll bring it up to them every once in a while. Just to keep it on people’s brains. I’m the Watch The Throne 2 instigator, you know? [Laughs.]”

Who knows when Watch The Throne 2 will see the light of day, but Dean did hint that it should be coming.

“It was just a really fun album,” Dean said. “It was great tour, so why not do another?”

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    WTT2 Coming out around the year 2014

  • BrianRaider

    Wow So That’s What He Looks Like Huh? Ive Been A Fan Of Mike Deans Work Since Way Back To Like 98 99. My Intro To His Work Was Yukmouth’s The Albulation Yuk Had A lot Of Classic Music On That Tape From Mike & Mr. Lee. Then I Started Noticing That Mike Dean Had A lot Of Work On Rap A Lot Albums Around That Time. I Was Aware Of Him Then But What Really Sealed The Deal Was Daz & DPG In 2001 I Was Hypnotized & Really Moved By This Song By Dogg Pound Called Coastin Where Daz Says “MIke DEan Let The Bass Go” And This Monster 808 Roll Comes In! After That He Worked With Daz On A Masterpiece Album This Is The Life I Lead. I Was Down With That Guy After That! Somewhere Along The Line I Found Out He Was White I Was Like Wow Really! Then He I Noticed He Worked On MBDTF One OF My Favorite Parts OF The LP Is The Beat Breakdown He Does On Devil In A New Dress In Between Ye And Ross’ Verses That Shit Is Top Shelf! Very! I Talked About Being A Big Southern Producer Buff Well Mike Dean Is Fuckin Certified A lot Of Classics For Rap A Lot & Just In General! Tell Mike I Said #SALUTE