Justin Bieber’s Security Says Tyler, The Creator Was Behind The Wheel Of The Singer’s Ferrari While It Was Being Driven Recklessly


Justin Bieber has gots to chill. Or find some tamer friends. The Biebs recently made the news for causing an uproar in his neighborhood for allegedly speeding dangerously through the high-class subdivision in his foreign whip. But, according to the singer’s security, his rap buddy Tyler, The Creator was the man behind the wheel, and they have evidence.

According to a report by TMZ, JB’s security claim to have footage of the Odd Future frontman whipping the singer’s car recklessly on Memorial Day, and they may be in the process of turning it over to authorities. This is in stark contrast to witnesses accounts, including Justin’s neighbor, former NFL wideout Keyshawn Johnson, who says he confronted the teen in his garage after seeing him flying through the gated community. In that incident Bieber claims he only got in the driver’s seat to park the car. Other eyewitnesses claim to have also seen Bieber behind the wheel.

As previously reported, Lil Twist was recently pulled over for speeding while driving Bieber’s Ferrari. He was reportedly let off with a warning.

UPDATE: Tyler tweeted earlier today and took the blame.

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  • Cocaine Howie

    How about you stop lettin these niggas drive your whip?…Bieber like the mf that’ll let niggas take advantage of him and his shit just to have friends. Stay in yo lane…pun intended.

    • Princella Princess Singleton

      niggas taught him how to groove and style as an entertainer to get rich as well as promoted him…now I guess if it wasn’t for niggas he would still be as broke aurse.

  • Dnell Cold

    yea it’s time for him to settle down and get back focused……careers have a timeline!

    • Eric Tierney

      dud put the crack pipe away he never was a star unless you think tagging 12 yr old boys is a career

  • rvlady

    He is going to say what Justin tells him to say & Justin’s guards get paid to lie!

  • lock67ca

    That’s funny, because three people, including an NFL great, swear Bieber was behind the wheel. I think I’d believe them over this clown. Justine seems to be making a habit out of letting other people take the blame for his misdeeds. That means one thing to me. He’s a damn coward.

    • Rodger

      Liar + coward = P O S

    • fldpwrman

      To be fair, they DO look quite alike. lol

  • Marc Spiritus Colter

    Justin is such a wimpy sissy boi who cannot even man up but has his goons he pays good money and phony hanger on bros to take the heat. He pays to have liars.

  • only me

    he is such a lil whoosh.

  • oodlesofnoodles

    his car, his responsibility

  • ColeMiner

    I’m surprised Justin did not blame it on his boyfriend Lil Twist

  • Memaw

    Wow….this guy really needs to find some new friends…..the car driver was a friend, the drugs belonged to a friend, the monkey was left behind because a friend failed to get it. When you’re as perfect as this you really shouldn’t have less than perfect friends that bring you down
    Oh wait….there is a lot to say for keeping nearby those friends stupid enough to lie and take the blame for ya. Ya, keep em around, you’re going to continue to need their unique abilities and loyalty.

  • bill33614

    reading the 8 comments, it has all been said.
    It is however unfortunate a young talented young man has been let loose to do whatever his money allows and his hangers on consider “kool”. There is self responsibility and control and these have to learned from a parent or mentor, neither of which seems to be in evidence. It is now time for an Attorney to be involved and possibly the state appoint a Guardian for awhile. He is going to mature and quickly realize he has been had.

  • Alison

    I Hate When People Capitalize Words That Don’t Need To Be Capitalized.

    • EL BIMBO


  • ppp

    biebs is a complete coward…he cant even man up and be honest. What a waste of no talent.

  • dave

    its always someone else driving this punks car. the punk should be held responsable

  • dennis barstow

    Yea right Justen

  • dan

    this Tyler clown, in this article’s photo looks like an “aw schucks folks” nig that only hurts the the reputation of good african americans

  • amosnme

    It’s interesting that there were people who identified the driver as Baby Bieber and he doesn’t have the balls to take responsibility for screwing up again.

  • Shawn Decker

    It was JB!!! I can’t believe (well yes I can) that he would ask and let one of his fall boys take the blame for it. You CANNOT mistaken the two! Justin is so much more of a punk then I ever thought. He will NEVER man up to his actions and will step on anyone, even his “friends”. Keyshawn saw who it was and the baby face will continue to let his security and PR people cover up and explain himself to the world. He’s too busy tweeting pics of himself anyway. What a pansy.

  • WTF ?

    Tyler the creator…..bieber the butthead.

  • Tink

    I bet anything he was paid off to take the blame for the little Bieber coward!!!!

  • Melinda Blake

    Bieber isn’t even a good wanna be. He’s a shouldn’t be

  • sayno2wmma

    God is black!

  • Daniel

    Correction: Johnson said he tried to confront him but the garage shut behind Bieber before he could.

  • Kevin Ulsh

    Tyler The Creator????Who??? Sounds like the only thing he can create is a bunch of BULLSHIT!

  • Jo

    One idiot covering another idiot. Do you know what Jodi Arias and Justin Bieber have in common? They are both Liar. Different story everytime you talk to them. Be a man Psssy.

  • josie

    Sissy boy can’t man up for his irresponsible behavior. Time to move back in with mommy little coward. Mommy will keep you out of trouble. I’m so glad this little creep does not live anywhere around me. Run little Bieb, run…..like a wet dog.

  • johnfritz917

    Yea, Yea, always blame da Black man…

  • http://twitter.com/jr61020 Jason

    Don’t believe it. Shades of obama ( lying)

    • Eric Tierney

      your a idiot bush pulled more shit the obama get your facts straight boy

      • RB

        “your a idiot”

        Learn some grammar before calling anybody an idiot, son.

        • ehh

          I’ll say it then… You’re an idiot. to both Jason and you RB.

  • fldpwrman

    He’s just as responsible for who he lets drive his vehicle.

  • ronald

    Tyler the Creator, what has he created but a PILE OF CRAP the idiots today refer to as music. I’m sick of these no talent apes hopping and hooting on stage and being called artist.

  • oldwoman

    weird that at least 3 people are colorblind – whether or not there was some else driving- it is the owners responsibility for the car, Kid bieber has got to start taking it like a man. Hes no longer a little kid – I read that he states hes just a teen – there are teens in jail who are treated as adults and so should he be. He is not a role model for kids.

  • Paul From SOUTHIE

    Why don’t Bieber own up to his shit. The PUNK-ASS kid, some one, some day, will slap him in the face, soon, I hope. He needs to think of where he came from,since he became a Teeney Bopper he thinks he’s better then everyone else.I hope someone puts him in his place,he’s going to say or do something to someone, and they’ll slap the shit out of him.And he needs it and I know hes a PUSSY!!!!!!!!!! He couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. YOUR A PUNK BIEBER……. own up to it, and be a BIG-BOY,because your not a MAN. The only ones who like your Music is the 5 to 12 year olds…..Face It !!!!!!!!!

  • orin

    I believe in the Biebe I dont think he would do such a thing. and why does people make a federal case out of something he did not do.

  • Malakokavly

    Mommy and daddy your boy needs HELP!!!!!

  • Crunch

    lol where have some of these people been? how do you read a hip-hop site and not know who tyler is? despite whether you like his music or not