Five Things We Learned From Chief Keef’s Day With Rolling Stone

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    According to <i>Rolling Stone</i>, Keef's massive diamond-studded watch (pictured above) cost him a whopping $80,000—and he doesn't remember when he bought it.
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    Sosa will be one of many major artists releasing a line of Beats By Dre headphones. The headphones feature a light blue, red and white color scheme, similar to Chicago's city flag.
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    Apparently, the Glory Boyz have divined multiple uses for Fanta soda. It's mentioned in the Rolling Stone piece that not only does Fredo use Fanta for his lean, but they also use it to wipe off a dirty car windshield.
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    <i>Rolling Stone</i> indicates that the Glo Boyz almost weren't allowed into their own performance on Saturday, June 1, thanks to heightened security.
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    Chief Keef and company brought out an eight year old to help open his set on Saturday. The "new" GBE member is apparently a young fan who found himself backstage. (Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Smeyne, <i>MTV Hive</i>)

Earlier this week, XXL revealed that its 11th Freshmen Chief Keef had debuted two new songs at a recent performance at New York City’s Best Buy Theater. While we’ve covered the life and times of the GBE’s head honcho extensively in our latest issue of XXLRolling Stone revealed to us new details about the rapper’s daily life. The legendary music magazine caught up with the budding Chi-Town rapper on the day leading up to the performance.

Scroll through the above gallery to check out the five facts we learned from his Rolling Stone, and make sure to check out Rolling Stone‘s original gallery.

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  • ireadmorethanyou

    Let me see if I understand this correctly… instead of *your* magazine doing some real hip hop journalism (i.e. asking rappers about more than just the shit that they bought with their new found wealth), you piggyback off another magazine. Class act XXL!

    • DubXL

      Shut up Eminem! Stop bothering us.

      • ireadmorethanyou

        Sure thing, Stan.