On June 24, Terror Squad rapper and former Big Pun affiliate Fat Joe was sentenced to prison for tax evasion. The Bronx rhymer faces four months and a fine of $15,000 for failure to file income tax returns on approximately $3.3 million in earnings. Initially, he was charged on failure to file tax returns from 2007 to 2010, but the charges were reduced after he agreed to a plea bargain. Unfortunately, Joe isn't the only rapper as of late to be experiencing the consequences of unpaid taxes. Just a few minutes ago, we re-ran a story originally featured in our December/January 2012 issue, in which former XXL staff writer Seth Colder Walls spoke to a handful of rappers and their camps over the course of a few weeks about fiscal problems and how they've affected rappers. Here we've compiled an updated list of rappers who have recently had run-ins with the law.