First Week Sales Projections For Kanye West, Mac Miller, And J. Cole Are In


Who will be the king of June 18? After weeks of debating, the first week projections for Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller are in, according to Hits Daily Double.

Yeezus is expected to move 375,000 to 400,000 units. Meanwhile, Born Sinner is set to sell around 290,000 to 315,000. Lastly, Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Of will most likely break 100,000 copies.

Billboard will have the officially tally of the albums next Wednesday on June 26.

[via HDD]

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  • po’

    fuck ur magazine hater. use kanye’s pic for ur useless articles.

  • Afan

    How many record do a nigga gotta sell
    Just to get the cover of the double X L
    Or fader, fuck ya magazine hater
    When I say that I’m the greatest I ain’t talking about later

  • Ronald Jack

    XXL should add a feature to their reviews that allows the fans to give their vote on an album. So you would have the critic review and a user review on the same page

    • JC

      fuck xxl just go hiphopdx . com their reviews are a LITTLE more on point but they got your suggested feature already. try it way better than this site imo

      • Dwight Jordan

        I second that. Plus, hiphopdx tends to have the earliest, most reliable news.

      • MTSMASH101

        Hiphopdx have a harsher review system than XXL and there gave Cole 4/5 while XXL gave Cole an L which is 3/5 thats sum bull
        Anyway i gotta agree hiphopdx is a better site

    • that dude

      @ Ronald Jack: That would be dope……..

  • chiraqi

    wow. i hope mac miller moves like 150, but how did born sinner have the same L rating as excuse my french. thats an insult to hip hop the beats on bs were pretty good and the beats on emf which was the same generic beat all over the album got a better rating. that shit didnt even make sense.

  • The Truth

    XXL No longer sets the standard of what is a great Hip Hop Album.

    You have lost the right the way you shit on the culture and pass on bullshit as great albums. This isn’t even just a J. Cole fan bantering on your site.. this is a hip hop fan that says im not going to stand for LIL B’s PYT (no offense basedgod or his fans) getting a XL when a album like Born Sinner gets a L. Or you guys throwing LIL Waynes im not a human being 2 a “M” and then removed the review all together because one of your reviewers actually had a brain and heart enough to call garbage what it is. Fuck XXL, Fuck the source, and 80% of these bullshit review sites shitting on good music.

    • chiraqi

      wait they removed the lil wayne review? hahahaha. i bet birdman payed the money. what amazes me is how the reviewer thinks coles production wasnt tight when every other person that heard the CD thinks the opposite. i think its cos cole shitted on them in a song.

    • Cocaine Howie

      To be fair, even Wayne don’t fuck with INAHB2. That shit deserved an M.

    • Dnice

      all this “first week” projections shit aint about music…’s the most ass backwards dumbfuck way of judging an artist or an album. some of my favorite albums are the ones that took a few listens to make them classics in my book…all first week projections tells you is who has a bigger wallet behind their album….

  • Kanye West

    How many record do a nigga gotta sell
    Just to get the cover of the double X L
    Or fader, fuck ya magazine hater
    When I say that I’m the greatest I ain’t talking about later

    - Cole said it already XXL, he gon do better than me

  • Da Don (Givenchy Lifestyle)

    we all know that cole cant never outsell kanye. kanye might sell gold records in the first week without no promo

  • utkay

    AND t.i sold 179k wtf hip hop these days… TROUBLEMAN was and is the sh#t

    • Legendary Trolly

      Damn J cole sold more than T.I. T.I. barely edged out Mac Miller. Out with the old, in with the new. Jay Z gonna do a little less than Kanye.